Ran Quest 4

The following loot distribution information is based on 1 bones files. All objects on the level are counted, whether they are part of the ghost's bones pile or not. Common ascension kit gear is shown in boldface.

ObjectProb AppearExpected quantity
gold piece100.00%5479.00
crossbow bolts100.00%20.00
tallow candle100.00%7.00
food ration100.00%7.00
wand of digging100.00%6.00
wand of magic missile100.00%5.00
potion of booze100.00%5.00
potion of object detection100.00%4.00
potion of extra healing100.00%4.00
potion of water100.00%3.00
potion of confusion100.00%3.00
potion of gain ability100.00%3.00
unicorn horn100.00%2.00
cram ration100.00%2.00
oil lamp100.00%2.00
wand of make invisible100.00%2.00
potion of paralysis100.00%2.00
wand of undead turning100.00%2.00
scroll of teleportation100.00%2.00
wand of lightning100.00%2.00
white glass100.00%2.00
tin whistle100.00%2.00
scroll of remove curse100.00%1.00
potion of full healing100.00%1.00
scroll of create monster100.00%1.00
potion of enlightenment100.00%1.00
scroll of identify100.00%1.00
potion of healing100.00%1.00
potion of hallucination100.00%1.00
scroll of magic mapping100.00%1.00
scroll of fire100.00%1.00
scroll of charging100.00%1.00
spellbook of levitation100.00%1.00
slime mold100.00%1.00
sprig of wolfsbane100.00%1.00
spellbook of stone to flesh100.00%1.00
wand of light100.00%1.00
horn of plenty100.00%1.00
wand of enlightenment100.00%1.00
wand of create monster100.00%1.00
wand of probing100.00%1.00
skeleton key100.00%1.00
bag of holding100.00%1.00
cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor100.00%1.00
amulet of reflection100.00%1.00
amulet of unchanging100.00%1.00
amulet of change100.00%1.00
ring of protection from shape changers100.00%1.00
ring of see invisible100.00%1.00
ring of teleportation100.00%1.00
ring of slow digestion100.00%1.00
ring of shock resistance100.00%1.00
ring of cold resistance100.00%1.00
ring of fire resistance100.00%1.00
ring of warning100.00%1.00
ring of conflict100.00%1.00
ring of aggravate monster100.00%1.00
potion of oil100.00%1.00
ring of hunger100.00%1.00
ring of increase accuracy100.00%1.00
dwarvish iron helm100.00%1.00
levitation boots100.00%1.00
jumping boots100.00%1.00
iron shoes100.00%1.00
leather gloves100.00%1.00
cloak of displacement100.00%1.00
cloak of invisibility100.00%1.00
Hawaiian shirt100.00%1.00
chain mail100.00%1.00
splint mail100.00%1.00

Artifact probability

Artifacts found on this bones level:

Any artifact0.00%

Monster probability

Monsters found on this bones level:

MonsterProb AppearExpected #
plains centaur100.00%1.00
blue jelly100.00%1.00

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