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Diodorus sicilus had some great points that i would like to build upon.

We all know that current civ combat and unit simulation is sadley outdated. I am hearing great ways of fixing this problem and knowing many of you share my ideas.

In current civ units armed with swords and arrows are killing tanks and even jets. The easy fix is to not allow certain units to kill certain others. sure a musketeer can fight off a fighter...... 9 musketeer units maybe lol....

certain common sence items such as that are a must if the next civ is to be popular. ctp is a new civ but lets face it, its just a remake of the old with some new features, no radical changes (except for public works and sea and space frontiers) but combat and unit movement is all the same.

EXAMPLE notice the revolutionary change in ctp how space units can move anywhere and back in one turn. hey why cant we do that on earth? ships dont take 10 turns or 50 years to cross pacific ocean!

My suggestion of movement phases within a game turn might be a start to enhanced combat simulation.

****Movement phase one
****Combat phase
****Final movement phase (units move with what range they have left)

Instead of watching a unit track slowly accross the map, it should be a point and click movement and bam, done. then have a cartoon mark the units position.


I suggest on the unit upgrade debate that once say you upgrade from fighters to interceptors science wise that the upgrade is instant on your existing units at the time. Your fighter is made an interceptor but it costs you some cash or something. why disband the units and build new ones when its so much easier to have computer fix it all for you.

Goob and diodorus and others had great more examples and suggestions along those lines. Once we build on these ideas perhaps we can spearhead the next civ game combat/unit entity.

looking for feedback, thanks

*** Warspite, your ideas are very much appreciated. In order to help us try to keep the forum organized, could you please post these ideas in the main topics threads? Redleg has COMBAT and don Don has MOVEMENT. Thanks a lot. *Yin*

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