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ATTENTION: How should the final suggestion-list VOTING-PROCESS be executed??? Let’s
My suggestions of how the final voting-process should be executed are as good (or bad) as anyone’s – please, make your OWN opinion heard. This topic is an important one, because as Dominique points out:

“You really think this will work? He, let's face it: Even only some days after the first announcement, it's pretty hard to have an overview of what's getting posted here - what's more, the ideas contradict each other, aren't feasable with today's technology or are rightout NUTS”. Read more in topic: “Are you sure this is the way to do it?”

Another BIG problem is also: when the final days before the first complied suggestion-list deadline arrives:

WHO AM I (or any individual thread-master - or any of you 100+ CIV-addict individuals out there) TO DECIDE WHAT IDEAS IS “GOOD ENOUGH” TO BE SENT TO FIRAXIS? BY WHO’S MANDATE?

Well for starters: I suggest that everyone of you thread-masters, seriously begins to think about compiling and (please) numbering up the suggestions and ideas in your own threads (something like the excellent technology-thread, hosted by Octopus. Take a look at it).
Some of the ideas are to advanced and abstract to easily be compiled into a simple 3-6 row format. That’s understandable, but at least try to squeeze them in below 20 rows – everything to avoid those massive hard-to-digest 60-100 rows text-chunks out there.

Also, i the name of clarity: perhaps the individual master-lists should be diverted into the “Civ3 – General/Suggestions” thread again, where EVERYONE can participate – and one “Civ3 – The list of ideas to Firaxis” there ONLY the appointed thread-masters have access, to update their lists.
Having two “General access - all topics” main threads is not a good idea because everyone wants to be in the most frequently used one, and the less-and-less used one automatically dies, sooner or later.


If each and every individual suggestion in the lists compiled by the thread-masters are NUMBERED: any CIV-3 forum-reader can participate with he’s (or her) own selection of “idea-number” votes. An example:

TECHNOLOGY: 4, 11-16, 18-19, 27, 33 and 36-37
USER INTERFACE: 5, 8, and so on...

Above means that i vote “Yes” for each of above numbered ideas (absence of numbered ideas automatically means “thumbs down” for that idea).

It shouldn’t be too hard to summering up our votes – after all, we are only about 100+ who regularly make suggestions – not thousands...
Any weighted 1-10 polls are way too complicated and laborious for any manual vote-counting, and in webpage-implemented polls it’s way to easy to cheat by repeatedly clicking favourite suggestions.

Finally, if the majority wants it that way:

NON of the ideas (not even the unpopular ones) are excluded – we only attach our votes-results to each suggestion, and rank them accordingly with the most popular on top.
Then sending it all to Firaxis an let THEM decide was feasible or not.

Well, what do you Civ-oholics think? Again, make your opinions heard.
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I think we should send two lists, one a summary list with the voting preferences, but all ideas included, and a details list, where our ideas for specific implimentation are put...
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the Octopus
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Rather than an explicit "yes" with an implied "no", there should be an explicit "no" with an implied "yes". This causes people to single out ideas they think are particularly bad, not to have to make decision about ideas they don't care one way or the other about. I think the "default" position should be "include it", unless there is significant opposition to an idea. I think we should all trust Brian to have a few brain cells of his own, and figure out which ones will work with his vision for the game, and which ones won't. I definitely think that a particular idea should not need to gather the support of 50%+1 just for Brian to be able to even look at it.

I think this is too early to be discussing things like this, however (if it ever becomes necessary). Focus on making suggestions.

I am not sure that an explicit voting phase is even necessary. I think that the thread masters ought to be able to get a feel for the "mood of the electorate" about certain ideas, but maybe that's just my perception...

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How about a simple 1/3 in order to get an idea passed through the filter? I think doing this through democracy is the best way to do it. I mean, now the person controlling the Wonders list will have to include "remove ALL wonders from the game" but it wouldn't probably make it through the filter, right?
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Carolus Rex
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The most sensible thing to do IMHO is to send everything to Firaxis. The final list (or lists) must be brief, direct and easy to read.

They are more than competent to make their own decisions. No voting!

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Cor, I agree, no voting. At least not unless some big issues need to be cleared.

The final list(s) should have short info on the idea. Therefore, the lists should be given separately so that the full explanations will be easy to find(if any).
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