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Delay of universal benifits
Nothing can ruin a great, competitave game of CivII like building the manhatten project to watch the computer obliterate you with nukes. What is needed is a new way to deal with abilities given to every civ when just one civ builds a wonder(In civ2, the manhatten project and the apollo program). There should be a built in delay from the time one civ completes the wonder and when competing civs can start to benifit. There would have to be exceptions:
1) civs that were working on the wonder but didn't complete it first would only have to wait time proportional to the resourses they had left to complete.
2) the effect of the wonder could be traded, or given away
3) the effect of the wonder could be stolen, but this would have to be difficult to do.

It is rediculous to think that a tech lagging civilization like the real-world Egyptions could all of a sudden build a nuke just because they can shoot a rocket and mass produce something. This would address such issues, and give an incentive for building these wonders (as it was in the real world).

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You might reach the audience you are looking for better if you posted in the <a href=>WONDERS</a> thread.

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Sorry to try to push you to another thread, but it would really help us make this list for Firaxis if we can group topics in one place. Thanks.
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