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Maybe the idea of tactics improvements (i.e. Blitzkrieg, Overrun, Breakthrough, etc.) would really be effective as technological advances. These would make the end game much more intesting when everyone has armor, missles, infantry etc.
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don Don
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feanor (and Redleg): catch the ideas in <A HREF="">Losses on the battlefield.</A>
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Jason Beaudoin
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Does anyone remember the game Command HQ?

This game was one of the first real-time war games. The combat model was simple but very realistic. Air units where almost totally automated. You simply chose where to make the strike and when it was ready (after refulling) it made it's strike. The air to air combat was totally automated.

The ground combat was organized in a way that encouraged a player to use multiple units in one battle. Numbers played a key role in whether you won or lost, but you still could defeat a numerically superior foe by carefully using certain tactical advantages.

It was truely a great game... AND, it was multiplayer.

I think the game came out in 1992... but I'm not sure.
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hmmmm...the combat thread as I originally intended it appears to be too broad. Therefore I am going to narrow the scope of the topics in this particular thread. This may reduce the popularity of this topic, because some of the ideas here (including my own) are appropriate in other threads.

If you have an idea that is combat related, but dependant on another thread subject, post a condensed version of the idea in the other thread and point them here for the full details.

When posting, keep your ideas seperated. Post different ideas in different posts so it is easier to read.

Combat will be focused on these subjects:

Combat look and feel, the interface - if any
Combat factors and modifiers
Combat resoulution
Combat effects on units after resoultion
Any others that I didnt think of.

If it happens in the "CTP Battle Screen" equivelant, or happens when two units fight, the post belongs here.

Some ideas may more closely fit under units, supply and movement, or AI. Some ideas fit here AND there. You make the call.


Small minds talk about people, Average minds talk about events, Great minds talk about ideas.
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