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Ideas for Civ 3 - comments? suggestions?
ok I'll admit it I never played civ2 or civ1. I have played AC and CTP and they are both impressive.

My ideas for civ 3 are listed below. Please feel free to comment.

#1 Prisoners of war

As opposite of CTP's slavery system just use POW's as a source of labor in cities. They can be bargained and released or traded later if you so desire.

#2 Rebellions

One thing I didn't like about CTP was that if part of your civ rebelled it formed another civ that was illogical to do. For example if 3 japaneese cities rebelled and formed the french empire! The rebellion civs do not have to be existing empire but variations. Just as how there is a list in CTP of city names there could be a list for rebellion civ names. For example if you are playing as the french the first rebellion civ could be the bourbons. The second could be the quebecers, etc Just as if you are playing as americans the rebellious civs could be confederates, new englanders, etc.

#3. Units to represent leaders

One thing that buged me about CTP & SMAC was that you were not able to have units to represent the leaders of the civs. Imagine SMAC for example if you had a unit to represent morgan. Having this unit in a stack could greatly boost the morale and ability of other units in the stack. If he were captured or killed it would lower morale, productivity, etc for the whole empire.

#4 Puppet states

ok the whole point of playing is to create a fantasy world right? One thing that bugged me about games like AOE is that you have to kill everything to win. I'm not against that I mean I love first person shoot em ups but my goal is to be in control of the world not wipe the world out. Maybe this scenario will better explain what I'm looking for in a puppet state. I'm playing as france and I invade and conquer england. At this point I can either make england part of france or let england stay in tact but as a "permanent" vassal state to me with a leader I choose.

#5 Borders

SMAC's borders add alot to the game that CTP dosen't by not having borders. It would be a shame if Civ 3 didn't have borders.

#6 New unit - General

Increases the ability of units in his stack and within a couple of squares of him.

#7 Capitol capture

One thing I loved about the computer game Risk was that when you captured another civ's capitol the rewards were enormous and the affected civ was severely devastaed by the this action. This is something of a feel I ddin't get in either SMAC or CTP

Well gotta go eat lunch now, let me know what you think. silly? good?
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Since this group is sending ideas to Firaxis, it has to be done in an organised manner. As suce, threads that are not oficially created will not be sent in. Your's is such a thread. They are all good ideas, and should not be lost.

1 could go under Diplomacy
2 -> Diplomacy too
3 -> Diplomacy
4 -> Diplomacy
5 -> Borders (there is a specific thread for this, I believe)
6 -> Units
7 -> Combat, or maybe Diplomacy (notice a pattern here?)

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