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Random events
How to cheat the random events in CivII? Just save your game and wait. If something strucks you which is not good for you, just simply load your game and it will be o.k.
It's a litle unrealistic - everything goes your way, so I propose some improovements:
1. Let the random events be stored in memory of computer for some turns. It wouldn't be comfortable to save every turn at different name, and then comeback to it if something went wrong, espacially if you don't know when computer had such a good idea
2. I've just finished building an airbase in order to rescue my fighter. In real life my fighter or bomber wouldn't crash because of fuel ending, noone would sent it for a to long mission which is out of it's range. But it can crash due to technical problems - I say let there be random event that could destroy my air units.
3. Please, let all those things be optional, so I can turn it of !!!
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These are some good ideas. To help us organize the list, could you please find the thread topic(s) that fit and put them there.

Random events would work in the OTHER thread.

The UNITS thread would also work for the specific random unit failure (which I have long thought is a good idea as long, as you say, it's an option).

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