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(A worker is one city population unit that is currently working a tile. A labourer is different)

You should be able to place more than one worker per tile on the city's map. But each consecutive worker should recieve less benefit from the terrain. Say the second worker recieves half of what the first worker recieves(rounded down, after irrig,mine bonus and terrain bonus calculated), and the third recieves a third of what the first worker recieves, etc. After adding up each worker's output, The total food recieved can then be docked by 1 if despotism, and trade+1 if republic,democ.

Eg (monarchy)road+grassland (1worker) FFT (>1workers) FFFT
(republic)farmland+(p+)grassland (1worker) FFFFPTT (2 worker) FFT (3 worker) F


Production should be split into two parts, materials and labour. Materials are the shields, Labour is hammers.

Each unit/building etc should require x materials and y labour. Each terrain square provides as much materials as it used to provide of shields. The amount of labour should be as follows:

2 Labour:Grassland,Plains,Forest,Hills
1 Labour:Mountains,Tundra,Swamp,Jungle,Desert
0 Labour:Glacier,Ocean

Labour should not be affected by mines,irrigation or terrain bonuses.
Only labour should be increased by factories, mfg plants.
Materials should be increased by refineries and foundries (or a modern building.)
If my idea for city tiles is also used, each consecutive worker on a single tile should give the same amount of hammers(labour) no matter how many workers there are on that tile.

Eg (republic)farmland+(p+)grassland (1worker)FFFFMTTLL(2wkr) FFTLL (3wkr) FLL (>3 wkr) LL

1)Once a unit/building etc is complete, any extra labour is lost, but all extra materials are kept for further projects. A city should be able to store a large amount of materials, say 2000+ (Could have special buildings for this. Trade routes should be able to be established for materials where 3 materials are taken out of 1 city per turn, and 2 materials given to the target city.)
2)When changing between two of the same production type, eg bomber to battleship, 50% of labour should be lost, but all materials kept.
3)When changing between two of different production type, all labour should be lost, but again, all materials kept. (These should be alterable in rules.txt)

Along with tax collectors and scientists should be labourers. These would provide an extra 3 labour per turn.

Caravans should donate only 2/3 of their materials cost and 1/3 of their labour cost when helping build a wonder. They should also be able to donate Ĺ their materials and no labour to a building/spaceship part, but be unable to donate to a unit in production.

Why less? Because otherwise it's like adding the production of many cities into one, and is unfair on the little ones(civs). Also because buying lots of caravans(enough to build the wonder) is cheaper than buying one wonder.

Support for units: This should only be materials, and food for settlers. No labour support. Maybe financial support for some units, eg spy, freight. Different units should require different amounts of support, eg bombers,battleships etc require 2 materials. Everything else requires 1.

There should be financial costs for building some units/buildings/wonders/SS. If the money isnít there when it is ready to be completed, it keeps collecting materials, but waits till the money is provided before it is completed.

Examples of costs.
Militia 5 10 0
Phalanx 20 10 0
Caravan 60 20 15
Armour 80 80 0
Bomber 100 150 10
Magellans 10 300 20
Shakespeares 80 200 20
Pyramids 200 100 0
Library 40 80 0
SETI Project 50 400 100

Buying units/buildings etc should prevent further changing of what is
being built. Labour and Materials should cost the same.


To reduce micromanagement, cities should be able to have long production order lists, ie at least 32 orders long, and able to include units, buildings, wonders and spaceship parts. Also, how many are to be built. Also, unavailable production orders need to be able to be placed on the list so they can be started as soon as the technology is discovered.

eg 2 phalanx, King Richardís crusade granary, aqueduct, harbour, 1 phalanx, 5 crusaders.

If Engineering hasnít been discovered yet, KRís crusade will stay on the list until Engineering is discovered and the previous production order completed.
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