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At the start of the game, I think there should be more options on the customize rules menu:

Nukes? ‘Makes game too easy’
Buying cities? ‘Also makes game too easy’
Buying units? ‘Ditto’
Exchanging sciences? ‘Can sit back and rely on others to provide’
Capturing sciences? (When Capturing cities) ‘Can sit back and capture all you need’
Stealing sciences? ‘Can sit back and steal all you need’
AI-You Peace? ‘Very hard’
AI-AI Peace? ‘Very easy’
AI-AI War? ‘Very hard’
Pollution? ‘Very annoying’
Absolutely Permanent Alliances? ‘For multiplayer’
Money? ‘Interesting?’
Barbarians raze cities? ‘It’s your own fault’
Capturing cities/Razing cities. ‘Benefits smaller and less aggressive civs’
Rebuilding destroyed wonders? 'Goes with above options'
Blind Research? ‘Whether all sciences that you have the prereqs for are able to be researched’
Embassies (Always, Established, Never) ‘This goes for the AI too’
Production losses (On prod type changes, On all changes, none)
Visibility (Total,c&c style,civ style) ‘Can you see all of the map immediately’
Minefields? ‘built by engineers’

*Forget this idea unless you really like it: when you accidentally press in the wrong direction for a unit near the coast, and you tell him to go into the water, he walks in and goes splash and dies. Ships crash on the coast if you tell them to move onto land. You instantly declare war on an enemy if you accidentally attack an enemy unit.

2: At the barbarian activity menu, I think there should be the option 'no barbarians', ie not even in huts.

3: At the difficulty settings, I think it should be a slide bar, or at least have a few more(and harder) options. I think it should go up to the almost completely impossible, and everything in between.

Individual islands? ‘each civ has it's own start island’
Bonuses (None/Pattern/Random) ‘Good for civ map editor’
Water? ‘Have tried this with map editor. Works well’
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