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First of all, after reading your post i went and looked... i did indeed replace fusion for fission. My apoligies. The proper translation from hebrew is cold fusion. And indeed, we are talking about fission, the BREAKDOWN of matter.
However, i didn't mean the elctro-magnets create "heat". By have a confined space surround with repulsing magnets, the heavy hydrogen atoms are PRESSED toghter, which after a while create heat.
LASERS are very un-likely source to do this, as the area of effect is very small. Indeed, the fusion research at Nova laser center ( the biggest laser on the world ) show power outputs which are VERY far from being effiecent.
However, research on pressure-induced hydrogen, in a tight tube in which matter is transformed into plasma and beyond, show a very likely chance of being a commercial used technology.
Now, I am not talking about the plausible chemical abilities to create heat, like Don don stated cause they are even FURTHER away from being productive and used, as the energy outputs are no where near the required energy to control the process.
Cold fission ( not fusion, sorry ), is a process which quantum relations start a chain reaction where matter is breaking down, similar to radio-active fission.
Best example? A chapter in Star-trek showed it best about a ego-maniac scientist who tried to re-live a sun by creating a chain-reaction.
In the end, he made a suicide crash on the sun, triggering a cold fission reaction which turned the white dwarf fusion residue ( iron, and bits carbon, silicon and oxygen )
into a hydrogen ball which then blazed with the enternal fire of suns.
Ofcourse, the energy doesn't come from anywhere: a potion of the matter is transformed into energy.
One point, cold fission is not a fraud as short-term fields of cold fission can be created.
However, they are energy-costly and un-stable.
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Kris Huysmans
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<h2>My meaning about space exploration</h2>
<h3>orbitals in civ3</h3>
I think orbitals must be units and not improvements.
Like some others have also said: There must be differend layers.
<h4>The 3 layers</h4>
<ul>[*]ground and sea units[*]air units[*]orbitals[/list]Every layer must have its own zones of control. One area may have tree civilizations on it
An example area:
layer 1: a mongol tank
layer 2: 3 greek copters
layer 2: a german com sat
When you have build an orbital then you can launch it too a place in layer 3 in a distance of 10.
<h4>types of orbitals:</h4>
<ul>[*]Orbitals that can't be moved after launch(labs, solar enery powerstadions, ...).[*]Orbitals that can be normal moved after launch and don't need to refuel
(defens sats, laser sats,...)[*]High altitude fighters: They must return to base to refuel.
(To atack orbitals, To bomb ground units,...)[/list]Maybe there can be also ground units that can shut down orbitals.
<h4>some ideas for new orbitals</h4>
<ul>[*]Pilange Orbital: Destroys every terain improvement in a distance of 1 when you press p.[*]City Bomber Orbital: You can bomb the improvemens of an enemy city.[*]Ground Bomber Orbital: Can bombs enemy units when he is above them.[*]Solar energy plant: -1 maintaince for every building in the home city of this unit(because the enery is free).
Every city can only have one Solor enery plant[*]Paradrop orbital: can stock units and drop them.[*]Hotel orbital: +3 credit for the home city. You can only build a limited number of Hotel orbitals in every city. [*]Carier orbital: can stock space fighter units.[/list]<h3>Space colonies in civ3:</h3>
I think that the minning work in space will be done by robots.
There must only be a few humans to control and program the robots.
This means:
The population of a space colony may not exceed 2.
Only on Mars after the building of the terraform secret project. May the size be 4
(for every civilization).
Robotic workers(supply crawlers) will do the minning work.

Normal will a space colony only produce minerals(It needs food from earth cities).
But after the building of the teraform secret project can mars colonies produce some food.
And after the building of the resources market can you sell minerals for money.
<h3> The transport of units and setlers to a planet or moon</h3>
The transport type will depends on you technological progress. How better your technology how
better units you can build too launch units to space.
<ul>[*]Olie rocket: Very slow, can only carry one unit, can only goes to the moon.[*]Nucliar fussion rocket: Faster can carry 4 units. Can goes to the whole solar system.[*]Teleport ship: Can goes to every place in the solar system in 0 turns. Can carry 8 units.[*]Interstellair teleport ship: Very costly. When you launch one to AC then the game ends[/list]This units have just like orbitals a launch option. You can choose about a list of destinations
after you have pressed the launch button.

Excuse me for my bad English its my third language.
I see you at Orion (:

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Ecce Homo
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According to Meier's statement, Civ 3, SMAC and a third, unknown title will be connected in gameplay.

So, if you start an SMAC game, there should be a possibility of
Going back from Alpha Centauri to Earth
and re-establishing mankind. A returning civ would have to terraform an intoxicated, radioactive planetary surface with an ecological system far from balance.

That might be an even greater challenge than the harsh life on Alpha Centauri.
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Countdown ... 6.30 hours left before this forum will be locked!!!
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So quick? Better get my ideas in here, then

I'd like to see as little of space as possible. Why? Civ is a historic game. SMAC is an SF game. I tihnk that a truly great game should be one or the other.. games that try to be both usually fail in both respects.

None the less, space is important.. I'd like to see the space race fleshed out a bit, with the First Satellite, First man in space, first moon landing, first non-terran probe, etc included. All are major monuments in history, would help out with sceince, and make the game exciting. Getting into colonising Mars is going too far, I think. Teleportation is a no-no.

Since the Unity (from SMAC) leaves in 2040 (I believe), nothing too advanced should be included. I wouldn't go any farther than a manned Mars landing, or a primitive Moon research base, at the most.

On the other hand, it would be nice to have a game system veratile enough to MAKE a mars/moon scenario, if people so wish.
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Space citys should excede 4 points! There is the off chance that you might need to put them there to stop overcrowding.

"War does not determine who is right,It determines who is left."

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