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Military handling suggestion
Here is my suggestion for handling military units in the possible Civ 3.

As things are now, you can make a strike force or clean up force and move them about the planet at will. You can park them on the other side of the world and forget about them. They are invincible barring attack by superior forces. Their supplies reach them seemingly by magic. This is not realistic and changing it can make a better game.

I propose a change in the supply system. Implementing it will require some form of a border system. Not necessarily a hard and fast patrolled border, but an sphere of influence border. This border surrounds the players cities, like the borders in SMAC.

While units are within this border, they are supplied by the normal (magical) way. It would even be nice if early age units were supported by their 'home' city and modern and later units were supplied on a national scale like CTP.

It is when these units leave the border area that the change comes into play. Units outside supply range will need to return to that range within a certain amount of time - much like aircraft must refuel. These units may capture a city which would then resupply them as the city would now have a sphere of influence about it.

Units that run out of supply need not die off immediately, they can loose hp like choppers do in Civ2.

Units may also be supplied by friendly (allied) civilizations that are ammeniable to having troops stationed on their soil. This could perhaps be a global thing for alliances or could be a seperate agreement made during diplomacy.

There might even be the possibility to create a supply unit that can convoy supplies to units in the field.

Using this supply method will allow tactics such as cutting off supply lines, building war roads and railroads to neigboring enemies, and keeping troops from parking forever in the middle of nowhere.
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Apolyton is trying to compose a detailed list of ideas to send to Firaxis.

To do so, they've organized ideas into topics, so all Wonder ideas will be together, all diplomacy, etc.

Messages on their own, like this, pose too much of a problem to sort through and categorize.

You have some good ideas, and enthusiasm. May I suggest reposting your ideas in wither the "units" or "combat" threads, so they don't get lost in the shuffle?

I'm closing this thread, as NotLikeTea says, just to try to keep us organized. I hope you'll post your ideas in the relevant threads. Thanks! ***Yin***

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