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Combat and Tactics:TO THE DEATH!!!
Pardon me if these issues have already been addressed.

Idea #1: I find it annoying that whenever two units engage in combat, they always fight to the death. Why can't the attacking unit retreat? Or the defending unit put up such a stalwart defense that the combat draws out to the next turn? Why can't the defense fall back? After all, "He who fights and runs away..."

Idea #2: Allied troops should be able to move into the same square as each other, as well as allied troops being able to enter allied cities. If the alliance is cancelled, they all go back their seperate ways, just like it is already. Awfully annoying that you can't help an ally defend one of its cities.

Idea #3: Civilizations are too spiteful towards one another in Civ2 Gold, and too soft in Civ2. Let's have a midrange, and also make it so that the longer that you're allies, the less hostility you feel (I've noticed that in Gold, it's almost impossible to make a scenario in which there are "friends to the end" situations).

Idea #4: If you're going to have it so that every unit on a square is destroyed when one of them is, the other units should add a defensive bonus to the stack. The best defender should add its full bonus, the second, half its defense, the third should add a fourth, etc. If this idea were used, you'd also need to be able to call a joint attack, using the same rules. Otherwise, units should be killed one by one.

Idea #5: All cities should have a variable to indicate its original owner at the beginning of any war. If an enemy of the original owner takes the city, and then an ally of the original owner re-takes it, the city should immediately be given back to the original owner. After all, this is how it is done in war. It would be awfully amusing if this hadn't been done after World War 2...the Americans and English would own almost all of France right now.
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Angent 000,

Sorry to lock your thread, but we are organizing the list such that it's easier for everybody to post and have these ideas summarized for Firaxis.

Could you please find the appropriate thread(s) for your ideas and restate them there? You might also want to check the latest summary in that thread to see if your ideas have already been mentioned. This way we can ensure your ideas get read by the Firaxis team. Thanks!

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