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Play as the Barbarians!!
This feature HAS to be implmented!! To facillitate this you start out with one base city and a bunch of attack units. All the huts that make units for you are marked. To incite uprisings you use a leader(Diplomat/spy) and pay a certain amount of gold. This will create 6 or so of your best attackers (according to your tech level). Limitations on research make it slow, so the primary way of advances are demanding them from other civs(stealing or otherwise) or taking them as booty when a city is conquered. Barbarians shouldn't be able to build new cities, but are allowed to irrigate and etc. The advantages of barbarians would be more gold, more leverage in diplomatic negotiations if lots of units are outside a city, fast unit production and better spies/diplomats.
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Sorry to lock your thread, but we are organizing the list such that it's easier for everybody to post and have these ideas summarized for Firaxis.

Could you please find the appropriate thread(s) for your ideas and restate them there? You might also want to check the latest summary in that thread to see if your ideas have already been mentioned. This way we can ensure your ideas get read by the Firaxis team. Thanks!

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