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So when do we drop Poly, Yin?
Oh Great Masochist and friend Yin...

having seen Stephen Lee's comment on this board, when is the great exodus planned? Will the thread masters post their 2.x threads over to the Firaxis board and close the ones here? What, if any, is the transitional plan for the Thread Masters? (Not that I am one, but they will want to know.)

And are you stepping down as the Great Masochist and Thread Coordinator?

And to all thread masters... THANKS FOR THE HARD WORK GANG! I am personally looking forward to a great game with a few interesting twist...

(Knight Errant Of Spam)

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Darkstar--nice entrance!

Apolyton will NOT be dropped. Many Thread Masters here have expressed their desire to continue their work only at Apolyton. For that and other reasons, the process at Firaxis was started from the beginning, though some Thread Masters here might well become Thread "Managers" (yes, we changed the name) over there as well.

Does this mean that two lists will be developed? Yes and no. Two lists will be developed, but the plan as of now is to combine both lists in a cooperative effort. Basically, there is no reason to force people to either site. Each site has a distinctive flavor, and people will make their homes where they will.

This is more work, of course. But, as you said, I'm a Masochist. Want to help? You could open a thread called "QUALITY ASSURANCE: LOST ART?" Oh, Dear God, NO! That would be a flame magnet...
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