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Suggestions for CivIII
4 things I'd like to see..
a) Better AI Negotiating during diplomacy
b) City Razing. I cannot stress this one enough. The decision to take over an enemy city or destroy it completely.
c) Borders like SMAC.
d) Total number of cities can excede 255, and population is shown correctly on the main screen (in civ2, it only goes as high as 3,000,000,000 and then ceases to increase).

These four things, and I'd be a very happy camper!
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Ecce Homo
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I made it before Yin!

Seriously, please post these ideas in the threads where they belong. If you cannot find a suitable thread, use OTHER or RADICAL ideas.

The best ideas are those that can be improved.
Ecce Homo
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Dammit and I saw that thread way before you I'm sure ! (15 minutes ago atleast, WHY didn't I react oh WHY ?)

But to clarify: Guy (who's name I don't know coz I don't see the whole thread below me) in this thread you can only post in the "official" thread which easily can be rocgnized.
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