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Thanks Guys, It's Been Great, But..... Goodbye(temporarily)
Hi all. You must have been wondering where the heck I have been for the last month or so. I've suddenly been doing a really bad job of TMing. Don't try to say that's not true, because it is. I've been returned to my status of Full Time Student(I borrowed that from someone... forget who.... hope it's okay, though) and I've just been on a long trip. Now I'm going to move in a few weeks. In other words, I'll be busy for the next two or three months. I can't keep TMing UNITS. It'll slip. I know I would let everyone down, because I wouldn't have the time to TM or write a summary. I probably wouldn't be around at all.

So, here it is, my temporary resignation. I really liked doing this. Especially with such a great bunch of helpful, smart, strategy-loving people. But it can't go on. At least not for now.

I don't know who exactly should get the job of UNITS TM, or who would want it, since I haven't been around. All you people that have spent a lot of time there, that's your decision. Yin can have the final say in the matter, of course, but I think the people should be able to "nominate" someone for the job.

I'll come back in a while. I promise. When that happens, I might be able to Co-TM with whoever got the job. I might make some cameo appearances( ) here and there before I come back for good.

I'd like to thank you guys for helping this project to run so well. Especially Yin. Without him, it would have been a lot harder to organize this. I have seen some of the best ideas for the games in the world posted on this forum, ideas I could have never come up with. Thank you all for your support. And I wish luck to whoever becomes TM of Units. You'll need it.
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You have been one of the MOST supportive guys around on this's really too bad (but totally understandable) that you need/want time away. Well, I hope to see you back in a few months. Keep me posted...

Is anybody up for filling some big shoes?
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Here's another Full Time Student volunteering. Any objections? If so, speak soon, or forever hold your peace--I'll be starting on the summary tomorrow.
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