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CONCEPT: Dangerous Terrain.

It always annoyed me how any old warrior or pikeman could get to the South Pole if he could reach it. This is my suggestion for making some terrain less attractive to travel through, even for one MP units.

Each terrain except the most hospitable ones (forest, grassland, hills, plains, etc.) has a Danger Rating and Danger Category. For example, it could be something like this:

Danger Rating: 25%
Danger Category: Heat

This would mean that, if a normal unit entered the desert, it would have a 25% chance of being lost. However, some units might have special attributes, like:

Resistance Rating: 20%
Resistance Category: Heat

The Resistance Rating of the particular unit would be subtracted from the Danger rating of the terrain. Thus, a cameleer would only have a 5% chance per turn of dying in the desert.

However, there would be multiple other Danger Categories, such as Cold, Elevation, and Wild Animals. A Cameleer with 20% Heat resistance would still have to bear the full brunt of an Arctic square.

An expansion to this idea that might or might not work would be cultural adaptations. If a city has 5 Desert squares in its radius, units produced by that city might be given a Heat Resistance bonus of 15% or so. ( I suggest squares*3). This would make a much better representation of guerilla warfare, as more powerful units might perish in perilous terrain while units of a culture native to that area survive.

A Road through such a square would, in addition to its normal functions, reduce the danger by 10%.

Ocean squares would also contain these ratings. A typical Ocean square might be

Danger: Storms
Rating: 20%
Danger: Giant Squid Attack
Rating: 2%

In addition, there would be Polar Ocean, which adds 10% iceberg, and Coastal Ocean, which adds 4% Rocks. This could cover the Tririeme penalty, if done right.

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While not as funky as yours, I suggested this long before the civ3 threads were even started. It's in The List 1.0.

My ideas was that inhospitable terrain damaged units. Every turn spent in or moving through unhealthy environs a unit would take 1-2 pts. of damage* it's hp rating. It all worked the same, but not all units were affected by each terrain. elephants would take damage moving through mountain passes, FE, while armor & chariots could not even attempt to enter mountains w/o passes. Chariots that moved into swamps would get bogged down and suffer from disease, equalling damage. There would be flags you could give to units to allow them to avoid the damage from specific terrain (alpine units in MTS, marines in jungle). units such as explorers & partisans would be immune to all terrains (although I'll change the partisan in a few days).
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