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Make civ3 a multiplayer game
I was going to write this in response to someone else's post in some other forum so it might not sound right, oh well.

If civ3 is to do really well they just need to make minor improvements, however if it is to have the mass popularity that Everquest, Quake, and Starcraft have it must become multiplayer. Each of these games has mass popularity and leads its genere. No civ game is as popular as these three games are. Just a few weeks ago reached a new record. 7.2 MILLION games of SC were played in ONE DAY. Admit it, that is shocking. The game has also been out for almost two years so most of these gamers have been playing for a while while new people just keep piling on. Civ3 can become this popular but it must become a multiplayer game that supports single player instead of being a single player game that supports multiplayer. I am talking mainly in terms of play balance and pacing.

Aren't you tired of going up against the dumb AI? You can kill off an empire with how many cities of yours? I see. I'm sure that you all realize that if you played each other than the game would get much harder. In a 2v2 game you tend to only have a 50% chance of winning. I think that makes the game more exciting. You no longer play for points, you play to win and have fun with a few of your pals.

Making the game multiplayer would really change a lot about the game. I notice that a lot of people complain that war is too easy to wage, too cheap. However when playing against human players the game is very different. I played a lot of civnet and a good amount of hotseat SMAC. Trust me, war is expensive unless you are the believers using fundamentalism.

For example take a look at the factions, The university is by far the weakest factions in multiplayer. It has absolutely no advantages and a big disadvantage. Tech is traded so freely in multiplayer games that a research advantage just gets spread around to everyone. If you don't trade well then you fall way behind, not to mention probe teams are a constant threat.

Yes I know that I am not speaking to the right audience. Many of you are content to play against the unthinking machine or to play for points. However many people who would play civ games are not. They crave the intellectual challenge and variety that comes from playing against humans.

Improved diplomacy options are not needed, just use email and a message board.

I know my words were a bit blunt but forgive me, I like the TBS genere but not any of the games themselves. Maybe I can find an online version of RISK
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