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One Last Thought on the Conduct of War
Here is my one wish for Civ3:

The ability for tactical combat. Add a city improvement called War College in the Rennasciance Age timeframe. The more you build, the more Generals or Admirals you get. Once you place one of these you can create an Army or a Fleet around them. You can add units to the fleet/army and place them in a formation on a special screen. You move around the icon, and based on the units types,numbers, and formation, you can get additional sphere of sight/influence. If the fleet or army enters combat with an individual unit, make and apprpriate equation for attack and defense and settle it right there on the main civ map. If the combat is by two fleets/armies then the game opens a turn-based tactical map, based on the terrain which they occupy.

One more quick thought on graphics: City Icons. Make them animated sprites. The more pollution the city generates the more smoke the smokestacks generate.
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Gregor, I'm really dissapointed.

You haven't been in the OT for a long time!

Anyway, I'm just making sure that my presence is being felt.

Emperor Dominik
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