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Units + Terrain + Diplomacy
Okay here are my ideas:

The first and only unit I think they should add is a trade ship. It would carry one unit along with that it could cross water and it could set up a traade route across waters.

I think that Engineers & settlers should be able to build canals to get your naval vessels across land, however I think that it should take a settler 10 turns to build one piece of the canal and a Engineer 5 turns in other words to build a full network of canals it would take a long time just like it does in real life so that the game is more realistic and so it is more rewarding when you finally finish a canal. Canals would be awesome for battle.

I think that diplomacy should be much more involved. The first thing they should add is a new land map showing a the tiles the enemy has and you have and so that to sign a peace treaty you could demand some of there land and visversa now I think they should set a limit on the land you can take or your enemy can take though up to 10 or 15 tiles.
Next they should have Eco pacts to help reduce pollution and when you sign one you have to reduce pollution or they give you a warning, if they have to give you another warning after that it is there right to declare war on you for breaking the pact. And vis versa. If they don't reduce pollution a little message box will pop up saying that the (tribe name) have not reduced there pollution would you like to warn them yes or no? And then the next time this pops up it will instead say Do you want to declare War on them? Yes or No? And finally when you end a war they can demand a city from you (not your capital of course! Also if you only have one or 5 cities left they can't demand one from you). And you can demand a city from them also (not there capital and if they only have 1-5 cities left you can't demand one)
Well I think these are all fair suggestion all stuff that might happen in real life! Please I'm open for constructive criticsm what do you think, you can also personally E-mail me at:
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On the terrain front I would like to see a city radius that took account of the local geography. For example a city which stood at the base of a mountain range would not extend its city radius very far into the mountains but might reach much further than the normal three squares down a river.
It could be worked out using the movement costs of the various terrain types.

I also like the villages ideas that have been bouncing around. I would add to them though with the idea that no knew cities should be foundable after a certain date, it is just absurd to found a town in the year 2000 and have it at size 15 twenty years later (which I have done using presidents days etc.) Instead existing villages would have to be granted city status somehow.

Also some terrain features should only become apparent following certain advances and some should disapear. For example which stone age tribe set up in Arabia so their successors could exploit the advent of the automobile. Equally some special resources should vanish. Buffalo on the praries of America do provide anyone with a major food source nowadays. I know these things are only representations of extra trade or extra food and so on but the coming and going of special resources would be more interesting, so long as it was balanced well.
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