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MP feature request
One feature that would enhance the game would be to have a "no randomity" option.

This would include fixed combat out-come based on unit values/terrain and other modifiers. No die rolls to determine outcome.

Similarly events like earthquakes, comets hitting and so on - should be possible to either turn off or (better) be turned on but happening at fixed location and date.

Pods or huts (or whatever they will be in civ3 if present) should have preset contents.

Whole idea is to take the "luck element out".
Main motivation is that this is the one sure way where you can eliminate almost all possibilities of cheating and for multiplayer tournaments it will just be more interesting when the best player win instead of the cleverest cheater or the luckiest.

Personally I would be happy to wait the extra day it will take to program this in and test it and pay two bucks extra for this option.

It should be a relatively simple thing to implement - basically every point in the code where you select a random number for resolving some situation give the possibility of fixing the outcome at probably the middle value.

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I totally agree.

This should be an option, espessially good when playing multiplayer. The fact that it would propably be pretty easy to implement is another good argument for Firaxis to use the little extra time this would take when designing the game.
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