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What about slavery? Until the fall of the Roman Empire it was a major economic factor. Penalty for having it past a certain date. Automatic slave from defeating enemy. City revolt if infantry unit not kept in city with slaves. Introduction of a Monothistic style religion causes penalty points for having it. A modifed version of what 's in CTP might have an interesting fact. Let's hash this one out.
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I agree that slavery should be included. the question is whether it should be done the micromanagement way like in CCTP (modified and enhanced, of cause - e.g. make it possible to turn slaves into regular citizens) or simply have it as a law with certain bonuses and penalties. I favor the first one, but it must be able to be done and regulated easily by the player, or it would simply end up as annoying micromanagement.
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what about slave uprisings? These happened frequently enough to garner at least a debate about them.... one should have to reclaim the city after a revolt.... ie random event like civ 1. retaking the city shouldn't be too dificult though or else we will have too many uprisings... a more dificult way to keep players troops at home and not wandering around aimlessly.... Beats the easy entertainer way of civ and civ2 any thoughts on this one
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Slavery is an economic boon to a society. It would result in increases in all types of production relatively inexpensively. Most early societies exploited some form of slavery, whether it was slavery, indentured servitude, or peasantry. I think it goes without saying that early socieities will practice it.

Slavery is very easy to implement without adding to the complexity of the game. For each military unit contained in a city, the city gains a bonus in not only happiness, but shields, trade and food as well.

At some point, slavery could be outlawed, resulting in a slight disruption whereever slavery is practiced, but slave revolts rarely ever end up as civilizational altering events.

Keep in mind that modern day form of slavery is emerging in the form of industrial automation. Maintenance is still required, but the military of yesterday is now being replaced by the mechanic and programmers of today.
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