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To all Civ 2 players!!

The world is built today to look at the global effect of a countries actions. I am proposing that a new techonology be added that will begin the thought of globalism. It would work much like Philosophy yet it would start in the country and not a particular city. Here is my suggestion:

1. Allows an X% (im thinking maybe 5%-10%?) increase in science rate.

1.1 Allows an increase in the trade depending on there status in all the cities in all the cities. (See 1.1.1 & 1.1.2)

1.1.1 Trade increase would depend on the government type: Communism would get less while Democracy would get more or an increase.

1.1.2 The amount of trade increase would also depend on the status of your country. (Example: first in tech would get like 1% increase, the second would get a 2% increase ect..) This would allow countries that are doing poorly to try there hardest to reach this technological advance while it is still appealing to the top countries.

1.2 Globalism would also allow one free tech to the first to research it.

1.3 Globalism would contain the U.N. Wonder (since communism did not seem the right place for it)

Anyways! Please give me suggestions to add to this. I don't want to be the only one discussing this technology!

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Sorry I need to make a correction!

# 1.1 should read:

1.1 Allows an increase in trade depending on the status of the country. (See 1.1.1 & 1.1.2)
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Even though the list has already been sent, I'm sure Firaxis will be keeping an eye on these threads throughout and this sounds like a good idea.

(Btw, LordDoom, if you make a mistake on a post you can also go back and edit it by clicking on the edit icon above.)
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