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"A universal log editor for not just OCC (One City Challenge,) but any civ game.
To elaborate just a bit, I would like to see a Civ3 feature that provides a turn by turn summary of the game events that can be edited as fits the player's need--example:

OCC Game
3500 BC Alphabet
3400 BC Hut-50gd
20 AD Contact-Romans
1645 AD Ship Arrives in Alpha

Making logs in multicity games is too complex but a computer could do it trivially and players could compare games as well as analyze play....

The use of logs is very good in competition as any good game must have a way of being recording."

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if asked why out of the five things to put on the new ideas thread why would this idea belong? what are the greatest strength in adding this idea? and what if any weaknesses or exploits does this idea have?

how is your idea different from Yin26's New Idea #3 detailed replay? could these two ideas be merged into one better idea?
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