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EC3 New Idea #38 - Realistic Effects of Latittude
by Civ_Lover1701

<center><table width=80%><tr><td><font color=000080 face="Verdana" size=2><font size="1">quote:
<img src="/images/blue1.gif" width=100% height=1>
</font>How about realistic effects of latittude and elevation on food production(extremes of tempurature, growing season, ect.), population and such?
-near the poles is pretty unlivible
-near the equator is slightly harsh-heat, sun, rain(floods more likely maybe)
-high elevation has low pressure, cold,etc

At the very least there should be areas where you just cant build or gather resources from(You can't put New York on Mt Everest!!!)

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First of all, the idea of not being able to build cities everywhere has already been implemented in SMAC (you can't build bases in rocky squares). I think that Firaxis will also include it in Civ3.

Meanwhile the idea of different lattitude effects could become kind of unfair, don't you think? I mean if your civ gets randomly seeded near one of the poles, youre pretty much screwed in the game from the very beginning.

Napoleon I
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