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"Autosettler: Must be perfect."
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Hugo Rune
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I agree that an automated settler would be great, but it needs to come much further than the Formers did in smac. As raingoon said, 'Perfect'.
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first can you define what the problem is? is it a significant problem? how does your ideas fix that problem specifically? does your fix effect any other areas of the game? if it does effect another area does it upset game balance in those other areas? is there a simpler way to fix the problem? does your idea hurt gameplay? why out of all of the ideas does your fix belong on this list?

perfect autosettlers? not in our life times theben

but maybe they could get them to be alot less stupid...being able to give them a list of TIs to build could help alot
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don Don
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I'll step up to the plate if nobody else will:
  • toggle for autofunction move first or autofunction move last
  • activating unit popup allows review of progress and continue/change order prompt
  • global queue control
  • overriding queue control from city for tiles in city radius
  • overriding or non-overriding unit queue control
  • save/load function to make assigning standard global/local/unit queues easier
  • road/rail connection routing combining GoTo function with waypoints with build orders
Not perfect yet, but that's stretching the limit for a "fix."


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