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Just out of curiousity, all the screenshots refer to the Egyptian leader as Cleopatra. However this is troublesome because:

a) The picture looks like a man


b) Cleopatra was Greek in origin, and would have had a tan at most but dark skin would not be likely.

Please tell us that it was supposed to say "Ramses" or some other male pharoh and not Cleopatra....Luckily that was one of the last things I sw when I was visiting but it was scary..... *crosses fingers and hope that it was only a typo*
*grumbles about work*
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eitherway, i think you will able to edit that easily, in case it stays that way....
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I guess they first wanted to go for Ramses II and only lately decided for Cleopatra and will change the picture.
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This is a typical american thing they like to
Rewrite history
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Originally posted by ASHBERY76
This is a typical american thing they like to
Rewrite history
Too many people say things like this. If a mistake is made or a single American says or does something, all Americans become arrogant and whatever else you would say. Instead of saying what YOU think is wrong with every single American, look at yourself and think "maybe I shouldn't generalize because most Americans aren't like that." Firaxis may have changed their mind about something and are updating. If not, then they have made a mistake. A big mistake, yes, but it's not the fault of all Americans.

There are many things I could say about England, and Britain in general, that are similar to what you say about Americans, but I know not to believe everything I hear.

We may have rewritten a small corner of history, but you have just classified hundreds of millions of people in one sentence. Congratulations, you just accomplished something scientists have been trying to do for centuries. To date, nobody in the history of the world (in the twisted, American version anyway) has been able to classify even a small piece of the human race. Congratulations once again.

My post should say one thing, specifically. Nothing is typical of country. Millions of people cannot be summed up in one sentence. ONE person cannot be summed up in even a hundred sentences. Get off your high horse. Go find something better to do.
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