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Well I haven't posted on the forum in a long while, partially due to the fact that everything was looking very nice and my few questions would be answered very soon when my pre-order of civ III came in the mail, this is changing because of the long awaited view of the Iroquois civilization. For once firaxis has managed to truly disappoint me with a civilization that bent from history into fantasy, using one tribe to represent all of north america.

The special unit of the iroquois is mounted on a horse, which on a historical map won't be available to them until the coming of the europeans! Yes we have an early technology special unit that can't be built on a historical map until such a time as someone crosses either the atlantic or the pacific!

More importantly this is a unit that was seldom used, and then to little effect, by the named civilization, instead being used by the sioux and other plains tribes during a period mostly after said civilization perished! In my oppinion this mistake really makes the iroquois civilization less desirable, not merely as someone to play, but also as a computer opponent. I hate to cut hairs, but . . . . come on! Give us two north american civilizations, the sioux and the iroquois, or at least a different special unit for the iroquois themselves.

What does everyone else think?
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It's not like it gonna ruin gameplay, so I really don't care that much. It looks like the Iroquois are getting a fairly powerful unit for that time period. Also, whats the point in having another warrior UU? I was really hoping that there would be more advance UUs. Also, would you rather have the Iroquois named "Native Americans?" Anyway, it really doesn't matter much to me. As for the historical inaccuracy in giving the Iroquois horses, just think of it as if the Europeans came and gave them the technology of horseback riding. And if it still bothers you, then you can always edit it in the editor.
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