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Editor- agressiveness and government preferences
Here are the default aggression levels found in the editor for each of the civ leaders [the scale is from 1-5], along with their favorite government types and shunned governement types [favored/shunned]:

America:3 democracy/communism
China:2 communism/monarchy
Japan:4 monarchy/republic
India:1 democracy/despotism
Zulu:5 despotism/democracy
England:3 democracy/despotism
Germany:5 republic/communism
French:1 republic/monarchy
Iroquois:2 communism/monarchy
Aztecs:4 monarchy/democracy
Greece:3 democracy/despotism
Persia:4 monarchy/democracy
Babylon:4 monarchy/despotism
Russia:4 communism/democracy
Egypt:3 monarchy/republic
Rome:4 republic/communism

Now wether this means that the AI dislikes other civs that are using their 'shunned' government, I just don't know.
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Hey, Anunikoba

This is a really important topic, as it stands to greatly affect the gameplay. When you work out what it means to favour/shun a govt can you let us know? Does it mean that the civ prefers to be run by its favoured govt type or that it favours dealing with civs that have that govt type (or both)? Similarly for shunned govt types.

I still don't have the game yet, being in Australia, but I would love to know the answer to this question before the game arrives here.

Thanks, mate.
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France is non-agressive? Haven't they heard of the napoleonic wars? The French Empire? And it shuns Monarchy when it was a monarchy for most of it's history?

Russia shuns democracy? Anyone told Putin about this?

Why do I keep asking questions?
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wow, the only civs with a maximum aggression rating (5) are Germans and Zulus. I'll have to watch out for them when I get the game, and maybe try keeping them at war with each other, while I sit up the back of the room and try to look inconspicuous. Then, when they've bled eachother white, hit them hard. Will that work?
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What I found weird was the Babylonians are more aggresive than the Greeks, and the French are timid (odd given the fact that Joan was a military leader)
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China shuns monarchy? Hmmm....didn't they have an emporer (thus monarch) for centuries?

Germany shuns Communism? Anyone heard of east-germany?

French shuns monarchy? yeah right

Russia shuns democracy? hehe
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History Guy
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For once I agree with Wulfram. The French were some of the most aggressive bunches of Europeans out there.
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didn't know the iroquois were commies.......

the russians should be republic/monarchy, because you could claim that the communists there were reprublics (united socialist soviet republics) and they're not really democratic yet. i guess the idea was to have the russians communist in the modern age like they were in real life, but it's not like the russian people had a huge say in that
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