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The Canadian Invasion. Anyone who's ever played Fallout Tactics would tremble at the Canadian Empire.
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Originally posted by Cairo_East
Would it be too confusing to include St. John and St. John's?
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Originally posted by TKG

"'It's the last great adventure left to mankind'
Screams a drooping lady,
offering her dreamdolls at less than extortionate prices."
-"The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging" (Genesis 1974)
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ummmm.... this may be a nitpicking observation, but isn't there a similarity between a Canadian civ and a Russian civ? I mean, look at the Russians. They are expansionist and scientific (which fits the Canadians well) and their UU is a Cavalry that is good on defense, much like a Mountie (if you want a Mountie as a UU). Maybe instead of a total mod we should just change all the Russian city names, slap Trudeau's face over Cathy's, change the colour scheme of the Cossacks (and maybe add a hat), and call it a day. Or am I just lazy?
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