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Civilzation Debates
Hi Guys,

There is way to much patriot chest thumping and blind devotation to nationalities for discussion here.

This is my second post so I'll accept flames for trying to talk about something I dont understand. However, I have read most of the threads in this forum and I have just one major thing to say:


Now I am not one of those people who preches tolerance to all people, but I do believe in mutal respect and intellectual debate. Btw, debate is not arguing, debate is argumentation with facts.

If facts are presented please try not to be so blind as to simply reject them out right.

Laf, when I started reading the Korean thread I was really starting to like the kind of discussion on these boards...then I kept reading.
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Yes, it is EXTREMELY anoying!
Nothing to see here, move along:

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I agree! Certainly the main thing is the business about America. What ever your feelings, please be civil!

I'm a Canadian, and we love to poke fun, but good heavens, the people insulting and dismissing the importance of America aren't interested in history, that's clear. Besides which, it isn't a historically accurate game in any sense. Some of the civs DON'T EXIST as such, were just a collection of civs or states at different times, and we don't talk about eliminating them. It's a historically based and flavoured game, but trying to pick out ahistorical things in a game as loooooooosely historical as civ is absurd. Especially when it has the character of nasty national dislike.

Can't we all just... get along?
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I agree, it's naive and a waste of time to argue on questions that we won't be able to have a common opinion on. The crowd is always devided into three camps; USA, Europe and "The No Comments". So why just debate the same subjects almost once every week. "Is USA better than...?" "USA is a bad country, because..." I assume we could use ACS for more Civ dedicated discussions, and leave these old school argues. IMO.
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Snifff... You're puting tears to my eyes...

I want to debate... would be so great. I really agree with you. It's annoying when you try to put arguments and that some just wont put arguments to say why they believe something
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I think the real trick is to just hang in there and try to support yourself as best as you can. But without bringing any outside 'evidence' to the debate, it often becomes a war of what I know vs. what you know.

And there are some problems with that: We often don't 'know' what we think we know. We take for granted sooo many things. And it takes a very unusual discussion to occur for a person to learn something new, fix something wrong in previous thinking and bring something for the other person to consider carefully as well.

Basically, we (the average human being) think that being wrong is a sign of stupidity or weakness. So rather than evolve our thinking, we protect it. And unless you are willing to admit you are wrong or stay calm and productive when you are right, you'll never really get much farther than pointless flame wars or endless inflexibility.
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