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A Quick Question about UU Tweaks
Hey, I just recently tweaked the Babylonian unique unit the Bowman so that it's stats are now 3-1-1. I decided to do so because it didn't make much sense to me insofar as it does not conform to the Archer-Longbowman relationship. So, I thought that having a medium between the Archer (2-1-1) and the Longbowman (4-1-1) might be good...

Though I don't think it's unbalancing, I was wondering (for the sake of wondering) what you thought of such a move...

If it's not too much trouble, I'd love to hear of any other tweaks you've made to other UU's...
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I switched...

Legionary (3.3.1)
Immortal (4.2.1)


Legionary (4.2.1)
Immortal (3.3.1)

I thought it made more sense to have the Romans have the most potent offense of the Ancient Age and have the Persian (which are a more peaceful civilization than the Romans) get a more defensive Immortal.

I think it makes sense. Right now, Immortals can attack and beat Hoplites, and when Legions attack its a even fight. That clashes with history. The Legions wasted the semi-Greek kingdoms Phalanxes (Pompey's conquest, the destruction of the Antichoius, Selecid, and Ptlometic empire). During the Persian wars, and even Alexander conquest the Hoplite beat up the Immortal (especially in the Persian Wars) almost every time. Right now it is the reverse of history (Immortal beat Hoplites, Hoplites beat Legions, while it should be the opposite [Legions beat Hoplites, Hoplites beat Immortals]). And it even says in the Civolpida thing "the legions where weak on defense". Now, the Legions where well led, but that should account for their offensive potential over defense. The Legions, when finally forced into a defensive posture (thank you Hadrian) they failed miserably in a few centuries aganist the Brittanic and Germanic tribes (plus the Ostrogoths and Persian raiders). While earlier in their history, while attacking (Caesar's conquest of Gaul, Scipio's attack at Zama) they won gloriously. While defending (Cumae, aganist Sparticus for a few examples) they where almost wasted. The Immortals however, lost at Marathon and Arbela while attacking the Greek/Macedonian Phalanxes. They where the King's elite GUARD, not offensive force, also prompting a bonus in defense over offense. The switching of the stats to make the Legionary {4.2.1} and the Immortal {3.3.1} makes nothing but sense to me. Point it out if I am incorrect, and try and ignore the bad spelling at some points.
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Knights really should be 5.2.2 for various reasons.

Musketmen, and all post-gunpowder units, must be stronger.

Naval units are really messed up in the original mod. They need lots of work.

What we MOST need are MORE units (inc. UU's) and more techs. To bad we can't do that without hacking in the Editor.

BTW, longbowmen were in history great on defense and should never be a '1'. I made them all 4.3 but at higher cost. They really should be an English UU with everyone else getting crossbowmen.

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Tweak Tweak
I agree that tweaking units is a must. I completely redid most of the units in the game to stop caveman units from defeating tanks and infantry.
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I tweaked the marines and paratroopers, in my opinion both should be better than or equal to the rifleman in any stat. I made the marine 12/10/1 and paratrooper 8/8/1. I've also increased the drop radius of paratroopers; this made both the paratrooper and the marines usable which are otherwise pretty useless.
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