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I have a fondness for word games of all kinds. Perhaps you know some of baseball's great anagrams. For example, if you rearrange the letters of UMPIRE, you get IMPURE. :)

Some thoughts about baseball's favoritest commissioner:

Bud Selig + commissioner = Misusing, mediocre slob.

Amen, amen. And why A-Rod ($$$$) never should have left Seattle:

A-Rod + Texas Rangers = Extra-sad groaners.
A-Rod + Seattle Mariners = Total, rare dreaminess.

Words about everybody's favorite, Ichiro:

Ichiro + batting champion = I'm a bright chop in action!
Ichiro + batting champion = Incoming pitch, aha! Orbit!
Ichiro Suzuki + AL ROY Award = OK, hail a curious wizardry!
First name on jersey = Merriest fans enjoy.
Ichiro + Stolen base leader = Honorable ace tries slide.
Ichiro + right field = High, terrific idol.

As for Bonds going to the Dodgers, (could it ever happen?) here's what we get:

Barry Bonds + Los Angeles Dodgers = Glory be! Angels add Bonds & Rose, Sr.

Somehow I seriously doubt that.

And about the now retired (after 2001) players who seem sure-shot HOFers? Well, here's a different opinion, via the magic of anagrams:

McGwire + Ripken + Gwynn + HOF inductees = My grounds crew: the fine, new picking.

Hmmm... well, there're already umpires and the guy who first started wearing shinguards in there, so why not a grounds crew?

And, you don't like the Designated Hitter rule? Well, here's the alternative:

"Now at bat, the pitcher" = "Now the pathetic brat." = "Pathetic bat threw on."

"Pitcher's at-bat" = "At the crap bits."

Here are some more anagrams of phrases having to do with everybody's favorite miracle squad, the Seattle Mariners.

Bret Boone + Carlos Guillen = Global, noble intercourse.

Well, that's as good a way to start the game as any other.

Paul Abbott + Freddy Garcia = Abruptly fabricated a dog.

Well, well, they have other skills besides pitching!

Gil Meche + Lou Piniella = Million huge, pale lice.

Now that's creepy! Or, how about Edgar in the Hall of Fame:

Edgar Martinez + Hall of Fame = The amazing, mad free-for-all. = Rather legalize madmen off.

I'd rather have E-Mart in the HOF, thank you very much. How about this one:

Edgar Martinez + Seattle Mariners = Greedier, manliest Tarzan master.

Greedier, manliest Tarzan master. Wowza. That Edgar really is an awesome cookie.

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