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Some materials on Codehappy.Net, for example the RIDYHEW word list package, are explicitly labelled with their own special terms of use, granting you various rights (such as the right to republish the material unchanged.) Except where so specially noted, you may not republish or redistribute the material contained on Codehappy.Net in any media or form, without special written permission.


That all being said, I am usually good about granting permissions, to specific individuals for a specific purpose, to republish my material. If you want to request such permissions, send me an e-mail explaining both the material to be republished and your purpose in republishing. Any permissions granted, are granted subject to the stipulation that the materials, when republished, will be unaltered (except possibly for minor editorial changes,) will contain an original copyright notice, and will contain a reference to the Codehappy.Net website (with URL, as the source of the material.

Please be advised beforehand that requests to republish the material on another Web site will usually be refused. Use a link to the page on Codehappy.Net containing the material instead.

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