Special notes for Spanish-language play using Elise:

Typing digraph tiles onto the board

You can type digraphs onto the board like any other tiles -- e.g., typing "C" then "H" will place the "CH" tile onto the board. (It will first play a "C" if you have one or are in free-form mode, but if you type an "H" after that Elise will remove the "C" and replace it with "CH".)

You can also type digraphs using the number codes used in the word list file: "1" for CH, "2" for LL, or "3" for RR.

Exchanging tiles and editing the rack

In the "exchange" and "set rack" dialogs, you are asked to type tiles. To avoid ambiguity, enclose any digraphs in the rack in parentheses.

For example, if you are exchanging tiles and want to keep "A" and "RR", you would type "A(RR)" into the Exchange dialog. "ARR" means keep "A", "R", and "R".

Alternatively, you can use the number codes for diagraphs: "A3" means the same thing as "A(RR)".

You do not use parentheses in the "blank tile" dialog: since you are only typing one tile and that dialog expects only one tile, there is no ambiguity. The blank tile dialog will accept "CH", "LL", "RR", "1", "2", or "3" for the digraphs.

Game load and save

You can save GCG game files (as well as .elise position files) in Spanish, and Elise will load Spanish-language GCG files that it saves.

Other things

RAM usage when playing in Spanish language is higher than in English language, as the Spanish lexicon is much larger (over 600,000 words). If you want to save memory (at the cost of some speed) you can delete or rename the file "FISE.tribble" -- this large structure contains various graph representations of the lexicon; it speeds up Elise's move generation, but it is not required for Elise to run.

There are some changes that could be made to improve Elise's strength in Spanish-language play: for example, in the case where 1 tile is left in the bag, all of the single tile exchanges could be evaluated by the pre-end game search (and in other pre end game cases, more small exchanges could be simulated.)