I play Realms Beyond Orion Imperium 27, second gaming session

2694: Almost everything to Propulsion, now.

2695: No surprise here.

2699: Range 10 comes in. High Energy Focus is next.

2700: The Bulrathi attack Meklon.

They retreat.

The vote. Birds versus bears again. This time, though, the bears are nominated first. They are the new leaders in galactic population.

Bears: 8 votes, themselves.
Birds: 8 votes, themselves.
Shifters: 6 votes, bears.
Me: 2 votes, birds.

2701: A tech trade with the Darloks.

I gave them Warp Dissipator for this tech. HEF + Automated Repair make some of my favorite large and huge designs. Not that I expect to field any this game, but still.

2703: A five field penetration versus the Darlok, everything except Propulsion. I pick Weapon. Pulson Missiles, good.

Class VII Deflector Shields pop. Zyro Shields next.

The Alkari have researched High Energy Focus.

2704: Another five field penetration versus the Darlok. Computer. I get Improved Space Scanner.

2709: Another grizzly attack. The bears retreat.

A penetration on the Alkari, but Planetology is the only choice. I lift IT+40. Diplomat warning.

2710: Three field penetration on the Alkari, Computer, Construction and Weapon. I choose Construction and get IIT 4. I frame the Darlok.

Everybody has High Energy Focus except me now, they've been busy invading each other's colonies.

2716: Penetration on the Alkari, Computers is it. I get BC 6.

I research High Energy Focus on my own. Choose Anti-Matter Drives over Ionic Pulsar, it's the cheapest way up the ladder. Thorium Cells should be next!

I dial down espionage on the birds. Picked them clean of everything besides Tachyon Beam.

2721: Penetration on the Alkari, Weapons is it. Blame the bears. I pull Tachyon Beam. Bird spies set to sabotage.

2724: Five field penetration on the bears, everything except Propulsion, they have nothing I need there. I select Weapons technology. I get Stinger Missiles and blame the shifters.

2725: Vote. Birds and bears, birds in the lead again. Note how close the 'loks are now. Fine, fine.

Bears: 8 votes themselves.
Birds: 9 votes themselves.
Shifters: 7 votes birds.
Me: 2 votes abstain.

I'm a total nobody in this galaxy. Nobody look over here. Nothing going on.

2728: Six field hit on the Bulrathi. Weapons. I get Particle Beam.


The anti-matter drives are in the percentages now.

2733: Bulrathi penetration, Construction only, I get Battle Suits.

2736: Bulrathi penetration, Computer, Force Field, Planetology, Weapon. I pick Force Field, get Class V deflectors, blame the birds.

Sabotage on the Alkari. I destroy 4 bases on Jinga and blame the Darlok.

2738: Three field penetration on the Bulrathi, Computer/Planetology/Weapon. I choose Planetology and get Controlled Inferno Environment.

Anti-matter drives are researched! Straight to Thorium Cells, go go go!

I note that the Darlok have researched the Disruptor. The Alkari have Class IX shields now. I put Boris and Natasha back on bird espionage duty, and give my spies assigned to Nazgar the Grouch a boost too.

2743: Spy hit on the Bulrathi. Computer, Planetology, Propulsion and Weapon. Planetology. I get Advanced Eco Restoration and blame the Darlok.

2744: Emperor Durpty-Durpty-Durr sues for peace. I reject. He gives me 2600 BC as an incentive. Thank you, Mr. Bear. You have hastened the production of my Davey Crockett bombers.

2746: Three fields on the bears: computer, propulsion and weapon. I've had a lot of trouble hitting Construction lately, which is where the bears have the advantage. I select Weapon and receive the Auto Blastor. I blame the birds for this sneaky trick.

2747: Bulrathi again, computers, propulsion, weapons. I select Weapons. I get a pretty good steal:

The same turn, the Alkari complain:

2749: Finally, a six-field hit on the Bulrathi. Construction! I get RIW 20%.

I note the bears now have Advanced Damage Control and Zyro Shields.

2750: This vote is birds versus bears again, Darlok and Alkari vote for birds for a total of 13, I and Bears vote 8 for Bears.

Let the birds declare war on me; who cares?

I send spies to sabotage on the Alkari. They have no tech that the bears or shifters don't have.


Hey, the birds have just discovered Sub Space Teleporter. Oh yes. Oh yes yes yes yes yes. One more espionage hit. Boris, Natasha! Off the Darloks! Don't light those missile base fuses! Spy on the birds! Spy on the birds!

2754: A five field hit on the Darlok, anyway, despite the reduced spending. Definitely Construction. Bummer, IIT 6.


Beware, beware. I select Ionic Pulsar. I equalize tech spending in all fields. It doesn't much matter anymore.

2757: All fields on Bulrathi, except Planetology. Construction. I pick up IIT 3 and receive a diplomat warning.

2758: Alkari spy hit. Construction, Force Field, Propulsion, Weapon. Let me think a bit... PROPULSION!

Boris, Natasha, you have served me well. Very well. It is time to send you off to a comfortable retirement in whatever the Meklon equivalent of Florida is. I need every resource point now to construct my bomber fleet.

Look at what I can build. Look, it is glorious.

No explanation needed, I think, of what the plan is from here. If you are wondering:

2760: My remaining bird spies pick up class 9 deflector shields, blame the Darlok. Good!

2762: The Bulrathi declare war, volunteering to be the first targets, I guess. Too bad, teddies. Once the next galactic council vote is over, I'm taking the worlds down closest first.

2772: Bear spies destroy some factories. They don't have the range to attack me directly.

2773: I'm framed in an espionage attempt.

2774: On the eve of the election:

2775: The vote.

Birds versus bears, in case there was any doubt.

Bears: 8 votes bears.
Birds: 9 votes birds.
Shifters: 5 votes birds.
Me: 2 votes abstain.

What a shame.

Meklar churns out a few missile bases before going back to bombers.

My first target is the jungle world of Misha.


That's the result of ONE volley of bombs. Sorry, boids. I immediately retreat.

The birds immediately declare war. Pity.

No reason to discriminate, immediately on to the Darlok world of Endoria.


This stack is plenty strong enough. I split it up into three stacks to attack Paranar, Aquilae and Regulus on the next turn.


This was Regulus:

Can you guess what I did here?

The Darlok have resettled Endoria. That will not last long.

My fleets proceed to the Darlok's Tao, the Alkari's Vox, and the Alkari's Spica.



The Alkari also bombed out Endoria. Tsk tsk. Doing each other in, as well.

The new galactic map:

Fleets to the Alkari worlds of Herculis, Exis, and Neptunus.



My my my. My my my.

Fleets to the Alkari worlds of Nyarl and Altair. The third fleet retreats to Meklon -- the Bulrathi worlds will require a bigger fleet; we need to, if possible glass their planets in one blow. They have Energy Pulsars, small fleet destroying weapons.


Sleep well, Emperor Farseer.

The fleet at Nyarl is to meet the other fleet at Altair. This will go on to conquer the last Darlok worlds. Then, a mega-bomber fleet will be assembled at Meklon for the battleship-fielding bears.

2782: Exuent the birds, and here is the galactic map:

Three bird worlds are still shown in the SE, but they are gone. I assume this is because they were nuked from the combat screen without ever receiving scouting reports, and they are out of scanner range.

The fleet at Altair sets for Nazin.


The Darlok have resettled Neptunus and Paranar, the Bulrathi have settled Tao. I distribute some Omega 7 bombers from Meklon to remove these enemy incursions.

The Nazin fleet heads to Crius.


Farewell, Smurfit-Stone.

The fleet orbiting the charred remains of Crius decides to pay a visit to the bear world of Fierias. The fleets in the north are all to gather at Neptunus.


Heavy casualties -- those bear battleships are nasty -- but Fierias falls.

In other news, Emperor Burrrp is a fool.

I accept the treaty. Hey, that's over a hundred new bombers, why not? I'll just build a big final death fleet now, thank you very much.


I have over a thousand bombers ready at Meklon. I first send out a few small stacks to obliterate the infant colonies the bears have attempted to set up during the eye of the storm.


Misha, Endoria, Neptunus, and Tao are all glassed, again.

The largest part of the stack begins towards the bear colony of Dolz.


We find no resistance at Dolz. One volley of bombs and the colony is destroyed. Their battleships are elsewhere.

Bombers move on to Aurora.


Similarly, one round of combat and the bear colony at Aurora is no more.

I decide to go for it. Two stacks of bombers head for Arietis and for Ursa.

From Meklon, I send small stacks of bombers to the re-colonized worlds of Tao and Paranar.


Ursa was completely undefended. This is a rout, plain and simple.

Arietis, on the other hand, had a large fleet. That was the smaller stack. I immediately retreat.

Tao is destroyed, again. Paranar is destroyed, again. These fleets fly to the newly re-established colony of Aquilae. The retreated fleet and the Ursa fleet heads toward the re-established world of Aurora. Sigh.


Goodbye Aurora. Goodbye Aquilae. 103 bombers to Dolz, which the bears re-founded this turn. 932 bombers to Arietis, to attack the death fleet.


The horrible death fleet at Arietis takes out over 400 bombers, but the colony is obliterated in one round.

Dolz is destroyed, again. I send those bombers to Arietis to check out the colony next turn.


Arietis is bombed from orbit and destroyed AGAIN. These bears are tenacious. Aurora has been resettled! My exhausted bombers head back to that world.


Aurora is destroyed for the third time.

I see no more bear fleets. I assume the ones in the north have all been cut from support, and the ones in the south are simply out of scanner range.

Laan appears to be what's left. My fleet at Aurora and my fleet at Meklon head there.

2797: I click "Next Turn".

Next Turn