In which I play Realms Beyond Orion Imperium 28

Humans, Impossible, Medium Galaxy, Five Opponents

Variant: Edited map (one-third of stars are "no habitables"), events partially disabled, Controlled Radiated tech guaranteed to all factions.

The scoring for this game obviously encourages a peaceful victory, and although that would normally be no problem with the Humans, the way this map has been structured there will be no council votes for quite a long time, until after the Guardian of Orion is conquered. At the same time, although some random events have been disabled, the assassination event has not. Also, the Klackon and Bulrathi are present and are frequently Erratic, and the Darlok aren't exactly peacemongers either. The asteroids mean that contact between some races may be long delayed as better range tech must be acquired, and the research pace will probably be a bit slower than usual for a Medium game. Could be some interesting opponents on this map.

This game report is enormous and stupidly detailed. I tend to write down everything as it happens, so my meandering "strategy" thoughts are revealed for all the world to see. This has been broken into "chapters" corresponding to stages of the game:

Chapter 1: 2300-2399, Expansion
Chapter 2: 2400-2450, Mooco Polo
Chapter 3: 2451-2500, Pax Homo
Chapter 4: 2501-2545, Spurts and Starts
Chapter 5: 2546-2568, Orion