In which I play Realms Beyond Orion Imperium 29

Variant: I'm given a huge Planetary Reserve which I'm not going to touch, no matter how much I might want to.

2300: Colship to yellow, scouts to the other range 2 parsec stars.

2302: Anraq (Arid 60) scouted at the red, Imra (Toxic 10) scouted at the blue. Colony founded at Rigel (Jungle Fertile 90). I send the scouts onward to the green star in the west of the nebula, and the range 6 red south-southeast of Hoard.

2306: Mu Delphi (Terran 100) scouted in the west nebula.

2307: Maalor (Barren Rich 40) scouted at the range 6 red. Six new scouts built at Hoard.

2311: Reticuli (Desert 50) scouted.

2313: Nyarl (no habitables) scouted.

2314: Iranha (Barren 45) scouted. Extra scouts sitting at Maalor and Nyarl.

2317: Hoard maxes on population.

2324: Hoard maxes on factories, builds colships.

2328: Colship sent to Reticuli.

2331: Colship sent to Anraq. Rigel maxes on factories. Both Hoard and Rigel to tech, with Propulsion and Planetology open.

2332: Range 4 and Improved Eco Restoration are the two choices. Colony at Reticuli founded; this brings three more stars into scouting range.

2333: Colony at Anraq founded. This puts Mu Delphi at range 4. Range 4 is in the percentages, so Hoard starts building another colship.

2334: Scout Beta Ceti (Terran 100), chasing off a couple of Darlok scouts.

2335: Exis (Arid 70) scouted, also chasing off a couple of Darlok scouts.

2336: Range 4 pops. Nuclear Engines are the sole choice forward. I dial down Propulsion spending and put it on Planetology and Construction, opening the field.

2337: Reduced Instrial Waste 80% is my only choice. Colship built at Hoard and sent to Mu Delphi. I really want Beta Ceti, at least, so I have Hoard start some long range medium hull laser fighters.

2338: Misha (Terran 110) scouted. It is a Meklar colony. GNN warning about the bugs, they've hit 6 colonies.

2340: Hoard finishes five LR Lasers, goes back to tech. IER is at 9%.

2341: IER pops. IT+20 is the easy choice over Death Spores. We chase an unarmed Meklar colship off of the neutron sun of Aurora, which harbors nothing but asteroids.

I would love that Barren Rich in the south, but I seriously doubt I'll get it, unless I make contact with AI soon.

2343: Settlement founded at Mu Delphi.

2344: RIW 80% in the percentages.

2346: RIW 80% pops, IIT 8 is the sole choice forward. I increase spending to Planetology.

2347: The last of the five LR Lasers arrives in Beta Ceti. That will, at least, fend off a small attempt by the AI to colonize it. Unless they bring Gatling lasers or ion cannons, of course. IT+20 first hits the percentages, at 1%.

2348: IT+20 at 9%.

2349: 18%.

2350: 29%.

2351: Bingo.

Controlled Toxic next. My spending goes to... Propulsion, the light bulb is nearly full, and it'll get me where I need to be.

2352: Nuke engines at 11%.

2353: 20%.

2354: 31%, dammit.

2355: Warp 2 is go. Sub-lights are the only way forward. Rigel and Hoard hit their new population maximums.

With Nuclear Engines, I now have just enough miniaturization to create long range colships (albeit only warp one.) Both Hoard and Rigel start building the new colships.

Tech spending goes back mostly to construction and planetology for now.

2357: Hoard finishes first, this colship heads toward range 6 Exis.

2358: Rigel finishes its colship, this one is headed for Beta Ceti. Anraq and Reticuli re-max on population. A Mrrshan scout appears to be cruising into empty Nyarl. Cats and cyborgs in the east, it appears, with Darloks somewhere in the south or southeast. The Klackons are probably also south or southeast of me, if they have so many planets; the space directly east of me is too crowded.

2359: Hoard re-maxes on factories.

2360: Rigel and Reticuli re-max on factories. I'm managing 631 BC of research, very good for sixty turns in. I open Computers.

2361: Nuts, the bugs may have just beat me to Exis.

Sure enough, they've brought fighters.

...And they're Erratic. Good night!

(Klackons, Erratic Technologist)

This is so very not good. Please, pretty please, Ms. Bug, please remember that I am your friend and do not wish to hurt you from range 6.

I start minimal trade (they're Erratic, so it won't pay to go for a large contract, but at least if I have a minimal trade contract it might keep them from going to war with me for non-Erratic "reasons".)

They offer me Controlled Barren in trade for Nuclear Engines... can we say "duh"?

I also get range 5 for Reduced Industrial Waste 80%. Wow, surprised the bugs don't have that yet...

A most felicitous meeting, that allows me to create warp 2 Barren colships with sufficient range for both Iranha and Rich Maalor. Hoard and Rigel both start to work on the new colships.

ECM Jammer I is my only Computers choice. I was kind of hoping for that, nice and cheap.

2362: The range technology gets us in touch with a new face:

(Meklars, Xenophobic Militarist)

Hi there, friend, buddy, neighbor, old pal.

I attempt to establish trade, although the half-jerk half-robot refuses. They offer Hand Lasers or Class II deflectors for IT+20 or IER. I don't bite, at the moment.

2363: Hoard builds a Barren colship, it flies to Maalor, scheduled to arrive in 2366.

2364: Rigel produces a colship for Iranha.

2365: Meklars attack at Beta Ceti with a single armed colship. It manages to kill one of the LR Laser ships. ECM Jammer I pops, ECM Jammer II is my only second-tier choice.

GNN rates space fleet strength: Meklar, Klackon, Mrrshan, Alkari, Darlok, Sakkra.

(Darloks, Xenophobic Militarist)

At war with both the bugs and their allies, the birds.

They decline trade. They offer Hand Lasers for Nuclear Engines, fine; I make the trade.


I should say so.

Klackons vs. me, right?

Oh, baby. Is this going to be a game.

The vote: Klackons 6 for bugs, Meklars 3 abstain, Mrrshans 5 abstain, Alkaris 2 for bugs, Darloks 2 for me (yay Darloks!), me 5 for Rinkitink of the Klackons. Final score in overtime: 13 votes buggy-poo, 2 votes me, 8 votes for nobody.

This cheers up the bug overlord enough to put her at "Neutral".

I go ahead and trade IER to the bugs for Battle Computer Mark II.

2367: Colony founded at Iranha.

2368: A spy hit on the Klackons...

Mmm. That was quick. Always feels good to steal your arch-rival's top of the line computer tech.

Notice, though: Soil Enrichment. That's cruel. Just cruel. Hopefully Ms. Bug here forgets her meds and ticks off more than just the shifters.

IIT 8 pops this turn. RIW 60% is the choice over IIT 7 or Battle Suits.

I go ahead and sign a NAP with the bugs. It means a lot less with an Erratic race, but it doesn't hurt to do right now.

I trade IT+20 to the Meklar for Class II deflectors. Then I open up all tech fields.

2369: Personal Deflector Shield (only choice) and Neutron Pellet Gun (over Gatling Laser, AMR, and Hyper-X) are the choices.

2370: A peek at the Meklar:

2372: Controlled Toxic finally reaches percentages.

The galaxy map, as things currently stand. The Mrrshan probably started at the yellow in the northeast, the Alkari at the yellow in the southeast.

2375: The vote, Klackons 11 votes Klackons, Meklars 3 votes abstain, Mrrshans 6 votes abstain, Alkaris 3 votes Klackons, Darloks 2 votes Sakkras, me 7 votes Klackons. 21 votes Klackons, 2 votes Sakkras, 9 votes abstained.

Mu Delphi maxes on factories.


About time.

ECM 2, Controlled Toxic, and NPGs are all in the percentages.

2378: ECM II hits. Battle Computer Mark IV is the choice over Improved Space Scanner (the bugs have developed ISS).

2379: Personal Deflector Shield hits, Class V Planetaries up.

The Darloks agree to a small trade contract.

2380: Controlled Toxic and Neutron Pellet Gun both pop. IT+40 (over Controlled Radiated) and Merculite Missiles (over Ion Rifle and Mass Driver) are next.

2381: Iranha maxes on lizards.

2382: Nordia (Inferno 40) scouted. Rigel starts building a colship. Hopefully this will get me into contact with the cats.

The Darloks attack at Beta Ceti with a large fleet; the LR laser ships in orbit are destroyed.

2383: We steal Duralloy Armor from the Meklars. Sub-light Drives pop, range 8 next over warp 4 or Energy Pulsar.

2384: Rigel finishes the colship for Nordia.

2385: Scout finds Mrrshan colony of Escalon (90 population, 139 factories, 1 base) at the red east-northeast of Nordia.

Build a base at Beta Ceti to get a shot of the Darlok fleet:

The single missile base does a lot of damage, destroying most of the NPG fighters.

Maalor maxes on factories, starts building some bases.

25 Darlok transports are coming into Beta Ceti -- that won't be enough, I have Duralloy, Personal Deflectors, and Hand Lasers. They're still two or three turns away, I'll build another base before then, as well.

I up my Force Field spending. I'll probably build some NPG fighters at Maalor once a few bases are up there.


Scout runs into the Mrrshan colony of Darrian. I beat feet.

At Beta Ceti another missile base is built; I take out the rest of the NPG fighters and one of the heavy laser boats.

That's enough, it's time for a fighter. I get Maalor busy on these, RELOCed to Beta Ceti. I have to eliminate the Darlok fleet.


2389: Another missile base at Beta Ceti. I fire away at the bomb-toting colony ships, and take out one.


(Mrrshans, Ruthless Militarist)

Kitty immediately agrees to substantial trade, and offers Deep Space Scanner for Nuclear Engines.

I note that the bugs have Advanced Soil Enrichment now. Something tells me the 2400 vote could be really, really ugly...


Computers are open, but I decide I have to take a chance on Planetology. The Klackons have both varities of Soil Enrichment and some good terraforming techs, and between themselves and their allies the Alkaris, they have to be getting close to the point of simply voting themselves in at the council election. Despite being Erratic, the bugs haven't made very many enemies (the Darloks, that's it -- big whoop.) If I don't do something venturesome soon, I have probably lost this game.

...Well, I'll be. I would have been thrilled with just regular old Soil Enrichment. It's A Sakkra Christmas.

That lizard spy is sticking her tongue out at the bugs.


If I win this game, it'll probably be because of this -- i.e., luck.

Time for the Sakkra to do what the Sakkra do best, and breed, breed, breed for victory!

2391: 30 NPG fighters arrive at Beta Ceti, and a missile base is constructed. This time, victory!

IT+10 is the prize.

2392: I set Maalor to pumping the planetary reserve. Might as well do something to increase my score, if I'm going to play this nutty scenario.

Class V Planetaries are in the percentages, as is RIW 60%.


"I'm not too late, am I? We haven't lost the game, have we?"

Class V Deflectors are the only choice.

This is beautiful.

Rigel is a gaia. Mu Delphi is a gaia. Hoard is a gaia.

2394: Anraq is a gaia. Reticuli is a gaia.

Rigel's maxed on population. Mu Delphi's maxed on population. GIMME SOME LIZARD VOTES

2395: Anraq's maxed on population. Hoard's maxed on population. Reticuli's maxed on population.

2396: Beta Ceti is a gaia.

Rigel re-maxes on factories. Mu Delphi re-maxes on factories. These go to building planetary shields.

2397: RIW 60% pops. IIT 6 is the next choice.

Anraq re-maxes on factories. It's in a nebula, it doesn't get a planetary. I set some defense spending here to put some bases up, however. So far I have a grand total of four missile bases in my entire empire.

2398: Hoard and Reticuli re-max on factories, build a shield. Anraq and Mu Delphi build their planetaries.

2399: Rigel builds its planetary shield.

2400: Morrig (no habitables) scouted. I go ahead and scrap the original scouts for a few extra BC, my new scouts are still busy flitting around.

Vote time!

Not nearly enough for the bugs, good.

First century's up. Let's take a look around and see where I stand:

This isn't science, it's sorcery!

Yes, my weapons tech level is 7. I have Hand Lasers and NPGs, that's it.

I made a whopping 1,941 BC this whole century. Eh, I needed to expand (and stay alive) those first hundred years. If I don't die the next century should be a lot wealthier.

Not much to the mighty Sakkra fleet at this point.

Despite my lucky tech steal, this game is far, far from won. In fact, if the bugs declare on me -- which, being Erratic, they could do at any minute -- and they come after me with a fleet of any meaningful size, I'm likely to be run over. Their Stingers and Anti-Matter Torpedoes can shoot through my shielding almost like it isn't even there. Their Repulsors, if they're using them, will keep any of the fighter fleets I can field at present at bay. I'll be dead three times over.

I have to build my defenses substantially and soon. It might not be a bad idea to absorb somebody else, in fact. It's only a matter of time before the bugs pull IT+80 or IRC 5 or some such out of their bag of tricks and really start to run away with the game. At that point only a crazy bomb spree would put me on top.

Maalor starts work on its planetary shield.

Imra, that Toxic 10 right by Hoard, is still uncolonized. I ought to snap it up. Ought to have years ago, in fact. I send the NPG fighters over and start building another toxic colship.

2401: Nordia maxes on population.

2402: Imra founded.


'Bout time we found something like that.

Hoard, Reticuli, and Maalor complete their planetary shields.

Reticuli starts on a long-range warp 3 toxic colship for Kulthos.


Iranha builds its planetary shield.

2404: Reticuli builds a toxic colship for Kulthos. Also, a tech trade, Class IV Deflectors from the Mrrshans for RIW 60%. Darloks agree to a larger trade contract.

2406: Merculite Missiles pop, Stingers next. Beta Ceti maxes on factories.


Even better, Atmospheric Terraforming is in the tree. With soon to be two hostile rich planets, that's as no-brainer a choice as any.

Beta Ceti finishes its planetary shield.

2408: A spy hit on the Meklar yields Zortium Armor.

(Alkaris, Xenophobic Expansionist)

Hello, Mr. Bird.

The uneasy Alkaris refuse a trade contract...

...but do trade me Battle Suits for RIW 60%.

Some Mrrshan fleets are cruising into Kulthos. I set Beta Ceti and Maalor to building new NPG fighters with class 3 computers to help defend Kulthos.

2409: I trade RIW 60% to the Meklar for Ion Rifle. They have a sizable fleet flying into Iranha.

2410: The Meklar attack at Iranha.

It's a nasty force.

I take out a few ships, but the bases at Iranha don't stand a chance.

Iranha's going to waste spending on research. The cyborgs will bomb many of the factories out by the time they invade.

2411: All fields spy hit on the Klackons.

I'll take that. Diplo warning, but it's still yummy. I offer the bugs Zortium Armor as tribute. I also trade the bugs Class V Planetary Shield for IIT 9. They have class 10 planetaries, so it's really one level of Construction for one level of Force Fields -- I'll say that's a good deal!

Relations with the Klackons improve to "Tense".

Proteus (Radiated 20) is scouted.

The Alkaris curtly refuse another trade contract offer.

2412: Battle Computer Mark IV finally hits. IRC 4 is the only choice.

60 Meklar vs. 49 Sakkra on Iranha:

Well don't trade me your ion rifles and allow me to steal your zortium armor then!

Yes, yes, very good, ma'am. May humble little lizard me request a blindfold before you shoot?

2413: Well, the spit has hit the flan, has it not?

2414: The Mrrshan fleet finally arrives at Kulthos, but is wiped out by a hundred NPG fighters. Non-aggression pacts don't really mean a hell of a lot to the AI.

Sorry, Gypsy old chum, but it's easier for me to grow 'em than it is for you to kill 'em.

Yeah, but that's a distant second.

Fire up the lizard-vats on Iranha, I need some more...

The bugs are at "Restless" currently. Still no incoming fleets from ol' Rinkitink. They have researched Gauss Autocannon, which gives me warm fuzzies deep inside.

2417: 41 cyborgs versus 55 lizards at Iranha...

Nordia maxes on factories.

2418: Anraq and Hoard max on factories.

The bugs have Class XV planetaries now. Gee.

2419: The Meklar suicide another 44 million troops at Iranha. This war is not going so well for them.

Rigel and Mu Delphi max on factories.

2420: Reticuli and Beta Ceti max on factories. Nordia builds its planetary. Range 8 reaches percentages.

I give the Klackons Ion Rifle as tribute, which pushes them to "Unease". Bribing an Erratic leader, good grief am I in a desperate spot right now.

I trade Ion Rifle to the Darloks for Controlled Dead.

2422: 30 Meklar vs. 77 Sakkra; I win with ten casualties.

Mrrshans give me a size warning.

Maalor maxes on factories.

2423: All right, it was coming sooner or later.

Okay, why not?

The Klackons still haven't sent a fleet to any of my planets. I'm assuming that their huge fleet is old and carrying outdated weaponry. Only a matter of time until they disband and rebuild, though...

2424: You know, I really should have created warp 2 or 3 scouts at some point this game.

A third unclaimed Rich planet, right by Altair, very nice.

The Meklar suicide some more at Iranha.

2425: IIT 6 pops, Armored Exoskeleton next over RIW 40%.

The vote: Klackons 17 for Klackons, Meklar 1 for Klackons (ha ha!), Mrrshans 6 for me, Alkari 6 for Klackons, Darloks 2 for me, me 14 abstain. 24 Klackons, 8 Sakkra, 14 abstained.

A toxic colship flies for Ukko.

2427: Kulthos maxes on lizards.

2428: Range 8 pops, Impulse Drives next.

The Klackons get a fleet in orbit of Imra, the small Toxic planet. Well, okay bugs, if you want it that badly, you can have it.


I'm not afraid of you, although I do want you to vote for me.

The Meklar aren't even sending any troops over to Iranha. They're just bombing a few million people out every turn, and I keep replacing them.

Life must suck on Iranha. You are born in a vat and then you get blown up from space.

Here's the galaxy map again, displaying my MIGHT:

This took forever:

I go ahead and trade Class IV Deflectors to the birds for IT+30; every little bit of planetology helps.

2429: Class V Deflectors are in! Personal Absorption Shield next.

Oh, for the love of Pete.

Thanks for nothing!

Imra maxes on lizards, and will need them: 70 bug transports should arrive next year.

2430: Atmospheric Terraforming is in, hurrah! Complete Eco Restoration next.

The bug forces have newly-developed Tritanium combat armor, so this, alas, is not a surprise:

Congrats, for what good it will do you, bugs.

Kulthos maxes on factories, but soon should be able to support more.

2431: Finally, a hit on the Meklar. I pull the Neutron Blaster.

The Meklar finally land 30 more troops at Iranha. It is, of course, no contest. Really, they can slam themselves up against this wall as long as they like.

Kulthos is now a minimal planet, and shall soon become a gaia.

2432: "Darlok" spies (Klackons, I'm sure) destroy 9 (!) missile bases at Mu Delphi.

Stinger Missiles pop, good. Ion Stream Projector is next in the weapons queue.

Nordia is a minimal environment. Maalor is minimal.

2433: The Alkaris strike at Ukko, which does not surprise me one jot. I was shocked they didn't colonize this world long before.

31 million more cyborgs go down in glory at Iranha. Soon it will be a gaia with lots more lizards, I don't think Emperor L4-M3 will like that very much.

Iranha is minimal.

2434: Kulthos is a gaia. It starts on defense spending.

2435: Kulthos builds its planetary and some missile bases just in time to meet the Alkari war-fleet:

Wow, this is decidedly un-scary. Seems to me that war with the birds should be very profitable.

Their fleet retreats. My shields are sufficient to negate their entire fleet.

It's about time I joined the twenty-fifth century. Advanced Space Scanner next.

2436: Spies infiltrate the Meklars, FF is the only field open; I pull Class III Deflectors.

Enemy spies destroy some factories on Nordia.

33 million more Meklar troops arrive via Federal Express at Iranha; they are disassembled for spare parts.

2437: Wait... what's this? You need more time to assemble your steamrolling DEATH FLEET?


Well, that was fairly painless.

Nordia is a gaia.

The insects refuse to establish a trade contract.

I trade IT+40 to the cats for Fusion Bomb, and up our trade contract.

2438: The Darloks attack at Beta Ceti:

The death spores are dangerous, but nothing else. They manage three volleys at the planet before I finish them off.

The Alkaris attack at Kulthos with an insignificant fleet of Hyper-X missile boats.

2441: Hoard and Beta Ceti max on factories.


You would, eh? Well, I could certainly use a favor from you. Presents! Presents! Gimme presents!

Anraq and Reticuli max on factories.

I trade the cats Atmospheric Terraforming for Inertial Stabilizer (pricy, but I actually would like more cat votes) and build a bomber:

This will do for clearing the Alkari and Darlok missile bases. I set both Kulthos and Maalor to building bombers.

2443: Spy hit on the bugs, I grab ECM 5. Diplo warning.

2444: Another spy hit on the bugs:

There, I have cleaned them out of computers for the moment. Another diplo warning. Whatever, Crazy McBuggyPants. I intend to bomb some shifters in a moment and make you a little happier.

2445: Nordia maxes on factories.

2446: Spy hit on the birds! Force Fields is the obvious choice, for:

Okay birdies, you're going to be hurting soon.

2447: At Nazin, mid-combat:

My bombers are just going to destroy as many bases as possible; that should be good enough for a reward.

Now you're scared huh? NO.

Sure, tell it to the hand.

Personal Absorption Shield hits, Class VII deflectors next.

No reward. Klackons stink.

A new battleship to handle the Alkaris.

2448: Another hit on the bugs, this time Weapons:

A frame huh? Meklars, I guess. I don't want the Klackons destroying my buddies, the cats.

Emperor Crylord begs me for peace again. Sorry birdie, capturing Ukko was most definitely a mistake.

I note that the Klackons have IT+80 now. Great, just great. I need to survive the next vote, so I can capture the Alkari, Darlok and Meklar worlds for my own. Supposing I can do that without being obliterated by the erratic bugs, that will put me on top.

2449: Armored Exoskeleton and Ion Stream Projector both pop! Very good! IIT 4 and Auto Blastor are the way forward.


I am so very, very dead.

I redesign the battleship-in-progress to include ISP, because that is so nice:


Bugs: 24 votes, bugs
Cyborgs: 2 votes, bugs
Cats: 6 votes, lizards
Birds: 6 votes, bugs
Shifters: 2 votes, lizards (thanks!)
Me: 15 votes, abstain

2451: Spy hit on the cats, grab Ion Cannon and frame the Meklars.

Klackon spies destroy a bunch of factories on Maalor.

2452: Klackons destroy a bunch of missile bases on Maalor. Think that maybe they want Maalor?

2453: Impulse drives pop. Ion drives next.

It's time to raise some hell.

2455: The birds don't stand a chance.

Yay Ion Stream Projector! Yay Fusion Bombs!

Beta Ceti and Nordia ship a bunch of lizards to Altair.

What the hell is with the Klackons? Shouldn't they have buried me by now?

2456: An all-fields hit on the Klackons! Force Field it is. And behind the curtain...?

Sure, why not. I'll take that.

With these nice tech level boosts, and the new drives, I ought to re-re-design the battleship:

Can never have enough NPGs...

...and let's build a better bomber, while we're at it:


A full complement of six techs, which clears the birds out, except for Gatling Laser:

I especially appreciate the Bio Toxin Antidote; besides the Klackons' anything, the thing I'm most vulnerable to right now are bioweapon attacks.

2459: Spies sneak into kitty-cat labs to lift:

2460: I spring at Zhardan...

Advanced Space Scanner pops, finally! IRC 5 is next up.

I discover that there are at least two Artifacts planets (besides Orion) on this map. The Klackons possess one, the cats the other.

2461: Complete Eco Restoration in, Universal Antidote next.

Gatling Laser is the prize.

2462: Steal Hard Beam from the Mrrshans, frame the Meklars.

2463: The Meklars offer peace; I decide to be a softie and give it to them. I immediately arrange a maximum trade contract and a NAP.

Take a look at this:

The Klackons ought to be able to take me down with all six of their limbs tied behind their thoraces. Yet, besides capturing Imra, they haven't done a thing.

Not that I'm complaining or anything.

2464: Repulsor Beam to the Darloks for Death Spores; Merculite Missiles for IIT 7.

2465: GASP

I go ahead and offer peace to the Klackons:

For being so terrifyingly powerful and insane, you're kind of a good-natured bug, you know that, Rinkitink?

2466: Turnabout, fair play, et cetera:

2467: I attack the Alkaris at Whynil.

2468: Auto Blaster in, Herculars next.

Yeah, look who's talking.

2469: Class VII deflectors pop, Black Hole Generator next. I destroy the bases at Omicron.

Glad you're so happy. Remember, vote for RBO-29.

Excellent. I had no intention of destroying the Alkaris' last colony, anyway; I want to make buddies with the birds.

You, on the other hand, Mr. Slimshady sir, are going down in flames and pudding.


That's it for the Alkari/Sakkra war, I'm done with the birds.

Damn it, the Klackons took Rich Ukko, not the Darloks.

The Alkaris want 850 BC for a peace treaty. Eh, why? You're just going to vote for the bugs in the next election anyway. Millions for defense, not one cent in tribute. Et cetera.

2471: Bugs and Meklars warn for size.

2472: Altair maxes on lizards and factories.

2474: Darloks attack at Beta Ceti with popguns. I send a Dragon class battleship to Ukko, which has been helpfully bombed out.

2475: IIT 4 and Ion Drives both pop. IIT 3 and High Energy Focus are next.

The vote:

Klackons: 25 votes themselves,
Meklars: 3 votes me,
Mrrshans: 7 votes me,
Alkaris: 2 votes Klackons,
Darloks: 2 votes Klackons,
Sakkras: 20 votes abstain.

I knew it was only a matter of time.

Sure thing, friend. Vote for me!

2476: Let's try this again!

I <3 you too, Ms. Bug ma'am.

Whynil sends a whole bunch of lizards to Ukko. There'll be a Dragon and two Colossus battleships parked in orbit for now.

2477: The secrets of Universal Antidote are mine. Let's research IT+100 next.

This is just dumb:

2478: Klackons blow up a couple of missile bases at Anraq.

ECM Jammer Mark VII is the exciting sole choice.

2479: Klackons kill some factories at Hoard.

2480: The Klackons finally attack at Beta Ceti with a nasty little fleet:

It isn't good enough to crack the bases here, though. 1-0 Sakkra!

Also, the Darloks attack here, too, but their fleet is so sad it's barely worth mentioning.

I set my planets to bulk up on missile bases. The Klackon fleets are beatable, at least for now, but I don't want them showing up anywhere where there aren't at least 30 or 40 bases up.

I note that the Alkaris and Mrrshans have Pulson Missiles, since Herculars are a while down the pipe yet I'm going to try and steal them.

2481: Klackon spies destroy factories on Beta Ceti.

2483: Klackons attack at Rich Maalor, and they mean business:

Torpedoes on a colony ship is really classy.

Fortunately I have 79 bases on Maalor, their fleet is eradicated.

2484: Goody, I can have a summer home on Meklon, then?

No more messing around:

I'm genociding the Darloks.

2485: The Klackons have a fleet coming into Zhardan. They'll have 28 bases up by the time they arrive -- will it be enough?

There is also a Klackon fleet coming into Altair; the former bird capital is already up to 53 bases and will have more by the time the bugs arrive.

Hey Klackons, you should have squashed me when you first had the chance; now I'm actually not in bad shape this game.

2486: I attack Nazin, and destroy the bases:

...But the Mrrshans arrive the same turn, with a couple hundred pulson boats! Ouch, I'm not letting my battleships get crushed by that. I retreat. I'm not genociding the Darloks today. I'll let the cats have that dubious honor, if they want it so badly.

The Klackons attack at Zhardan with 30 of those pulse phasor/anti-matter torpedo boats. They also bring 591 death spore ships. Not enough. Glad I got the bio toxin antidotes.

Go right ahead, kitty. It's your funeral, as they say.