In which I play Realms Beyond Orion Imperium 31 -- Mrrshans/Hard/Medium/Five, the variant: Equal tech spending in all fields at all times, always research the least expensive available technology in each field.

2300: The map:

Arch-enemies Alkaris and Sakkras are both present. Need to expand to the south and the southeast, towards the nearest yellows.

Colship to the green south of Fierias, scout to the green 5 parsecs east-southeast, scout to the neutron star 5 parsecs to the south.

2303: The south green is Esper (Arid 70), I found a colony there.


Scouts dispatched to the yellow southeast of Fierias, the green southeast of Esper, the green southwest of Fierias, and the white southeast of Esper.

2305: I build two more scouts to investigate the stars to the north.

Neptunus (Terran 90) scouted. Draconis (Radiated Rich 10) scouted.

Scanners are picking up a purple (Darlok) ship in the south, coming in towards Draconis. Nazin is certainly one of the two yellows to the south.

2306: Ooh.

The birds bring a scout to Neptunus. Want some LR fighters here. Perhaps the yellow to the southeast is Altair?


2309: LR laser ship built at Fierias, sent to Neptunus. Iranha (Inferno 10) scouted in the NE. Paladia (Desert 40) scouted in the western nebula.

2310: Collassa (Jungle 90) scouted in the southwest. Another laser fighter built and sent to Neptunus.

2311: Stalaz (Barren 30) scouted in the southwest, Ukko (Arid 45) scouted in the southeast.

2312: Maretta (Tundra 20) scouted at the neutron star in the north. Herculis (Jungle Ultra Poor 75) is scouted at the yellow in the southeast -- Altair must be one of the yellows just beyond the eastern nebula.

Long-range laser fighter built and sent to Collassa.

2313: Another fighter sent to Collassa.

2315: Alkari scout attacks at UP Herculis. Darlok scout attacks at Collassa.

2316: Ajax (Dead 50) scouted in the northwest corner.

2318: Pull the scout on Collassa to Stalaz, pull the scout on Stalaz to the white star 5 parsecs to the southeast. That's the last remaining star in scouting range.

2322: BUild a LR laser fighter for Ukko.

2323: Quayal (Minimal 40) scouted. Second LR fighter sent to Ukko.

Four habitables (Collassa, Ukko, Neptunus, Paladia) within range 4, none within range 3. Herculis and Quayal will be within range 4 if Neptunus and Ukko (respectively) are founded. Neptunus and Collassa are the top priorities -- they are large and within scouting range of the enemy. Ukko is desireable but not crucial. Paladia, Fierias' lee-world in the nebula, is certainly mine.

2324: Fierias maxes on kitties.

2326: Darloks attack at Collassa with two unarmed colships.

2328: Darloks attack at Quayal with an unarmed colony ship.

2330: I put Fierias and Esper onto full tech spending to open all fields.

2331: Deep Space Scanner, IIT 9, Class II deflectors, Improved Eco Restoration, Range 4 cells, and Hyper-V Rockets are the choices necessitated by the variant. All in all a pretty good field.

2332: Darloks attack at Collassa with an unarmed colony ship and a scout. Esper goes back to factories, Fierias is half factories/half research.

2337: Fierias maxes on factories. Building all the fighters delayed this longer than I'd like, but we are now 100% on research at the kitty capital.

2339: The all-important Range 4 enters the percentages this turn at 6%. Hyper-V rockets are at 4%. Fierias goes to 50% colship construction.

2340: Lucky break for the cats!

Range 6 is the variant choice. Fierias goes to 100% colship construction, Esper is 50/50 factories/tech.

2344: Hyper-V Rockets pop, Gatling Laser next.

Off to Collassa it flies.

2348: Colship built, sent soaring to Neptunus. Esper maxes on factories.


Darloks are "far beyond our technology" -- not particularly surprising, as our total tech level at this point is 11. Computers, Force Fields and Construction are all in the percentages.

2352: IIT 9 in, RIW 80% next. Colship built at Fierias, sent to Ukko.


The Alkaris are already at war with the Psilons, the Silicoids, and the Sakkra!

There is some space seperating us from the Alkari menace, which is reassuring. Not reassuring is that it appears the birds have range 6 already.

2355: Class II deflectors in, Personal Deflector Shields next.

2357: Deep Space Scanner researched, ECM Jammer II next.

2358: Colship built, waiting at Fierias...

2359: Colony at Ukko founded. The colship at Fierias heads to Quayal.

2361: Really irritating.

2363: An Alkari colship is headed (with armed escort) to Ultra Poor Herculis. I pull the scout off.

2364: Good to know...

Colship built for Paladia. Fierias goes back to research.


I don't want anything to do with that!

Improved Eco Restoration in, Controlled Tundra next.


2368: Colonies at Paladia and at Quayal are founded.

2369: Gatling Laser researched, Hyper-X Rockets next.

I give Hyper-V Rockets for the secret of IT+10.

Emperor Redwing refuses any tech trade.

2370: Scouts reach the red west of Quayal only to be chased off by a Silicoid battleship.

2372: Scouts arrive at the white south of Rayden only to be chased off by a Psilon ship.

2374: Scouted Guradas (Ocean 90, a new Darlok colony) and Aquilae (Jungle 85).

2378: RIW 80% pops, IIT 8 next. Artemis (Toxic 35 Rich) scouted in the south.

Relations with both Darloks and Alkaris are at "Neutral".

2380: Oh yes. Erratic Psilons. My day has been made.

Tech trade with the Psilons: Hand Lasers for IIT 9.

I up trade with the Darloks to 225 BC a year. I up trade with the Alkaris to 200. Birds offer Range 5 for RIW 80%, but with the light bulb on Range 6 filling up, I decline.

I start Espionage on the Psilons. They are Erratic, and if I'm going to hit them it had better be early, before they gain a million levels of CPU tech.

2382: First Council vote -- me versus the Darloks.

Darloks: 4 votes, Darloks.
Psilons: 1 vote, abstain.
Silicoids: 3 votes, abstain.
Alkaris: 3 votes, abstain.
Sakkras: 3 votes, abstain.
Me: 5 votes, Darloks.

Collassa maxes on factories.


Death Spores is next.

This opens up Stalaz (Barren 30) and Maretta (Tundra 20) for colonization; I begin building Tundra colships at Fierias and Collassa.

2385: Hyper-X Rockets in, Ion Cannon next.

Neptunus maxes on factories. Maxed worlds each get a few clicks in Defense spending.

Spies' report:

2388: Tundra colships built at Collassa and at Fierias.


2390: Personal Deflector Shield in, Class IV deflectors next.

2391: ECM Jammer Mark II in, Improved Robotic Controls III next.

Colony at Maretta founded.

Obtained for RIW 80%.

2392: Range 6 pops, Inertial Stabilizer next. Ukko maxes on factories.

No available tech trades with the Sillies.


2396: Phantos (Inferno 25) is scouted at the yellow in the Northeast.

A surprise:

2397: Fascinating.

2398: IIT 8 researched, Duralloy Armor next in the queue.

Quayal maxes.


Ion Rifle next.

Me vs. the shifters again:

Darloks: 5 votes, shifters.
Psilons: 2 votes, abstain.
Silicoids: 4 votes, abstain.
Alkaris: 4 votes, abstain.
Sakkras: 4 votes, abstain.
Cats: 6 votes, shifters.

End of the century, let's take a look around:

(...for what that's worth!)

2401: Paladia maxes.


Death Spores also pop. Next up: ECM 3 and Controlled Inferno.

2411: Inertial Stabilizer researched, Sub-Light Drives next.

For Inertial Stabilizer. Enhanced Eco Restoration is next.

This opens up Ajax, Iranha, and Phantos, all in the north. Fierias begins building Inferno colships.

2414: Paladia, Neptunus, Ukko, Collassa, and Quayal all re-max factories.

2415: Colship built for Ajax.

2416: Class IV Deflectors and Ion Rifle both in, Repulsor Beam and Merculites next.


Esper re-maxes.

For Inertial Stabilizer.

2418: Stalaz maxes, colship built for Iranha.


Maretta maxes.

2420: Duralloy researched, IIT 7 next.

Colony founded at Ajax.

2422: Colony at Iranha founded.

2423: Ain't we got fun?

2425: ECM Jammer III in, BC 4 next.

In the vote,

Darloks: 5 votes Darloks
Psilons: 3 votes Darloks
Silicoids: 4 votes Darloks
Alkaris: 4 votes abstain
Sakkras: 4 votes abstain
Me: 7 votes abstain

Sub-Light drives at 2%, once those are in I need to build a proper fighter.


Energy Pulsar next tech. Fierias re-maxes.

The shipyards at Neptunus and Collassa build the fighters.

2429: Unknown spy sabotages five factories at Neptunus.

Merculite missiles pop. Graviton Beam is the next Weapons technology.

2430: Darloks bring a fleet to Ukko:

The five missile bases at Ukko dispatch the fleet; one base is lost.

2433: A larger Darlok fleet attacks Collassa:

Nothing scary for the nine bases and sixty ion fighters waiting there.

The Psilons attack at Quayal with missile boats:

The twelve bases there make quick work of the fleet, but two bases are lost. A fleet of ion fighters is sent to Quayal.


Merculite Missiles are the price.


2437: Enhanced Eco in, IT+30 next.

Sure, whatever.


2440: Crypto (no habitables) scouted.

2442: IIT 7 in, Zortium armor next. A Darlok fleet is headed for Esper. Unfortunately the Darloks have class X planetaries, there is no chance of invading them with my current tech.

2443: Repulsor Beam finished, Class V deflectors are the next Force Fields research project.

Darloks attack Esper:

The ARS/repulsor combination is worrying, but fortunately the Darlok ships are pretty weak versus my missiles. The same turn the shifters appear at Ukko:

They are as un-scary to me as my bombless ships must be to their well-shielded planets.


2446: Darloks at Esper again, this time bringing two battleships. They are easily routed. Darlok spies (posing as birds) destroy some factories on Paladia.

2447: Spy hit on the Psilons yields Class III deflectors.

2448: Another spy hit on the Psilons yields the real prize:

Tauri (no habitables) is scouted.


Diplo warning, like I care about the brains' feelings.

In the Council vote:

Darloks: 5 votes, Darloks
Psilons: 5 votes, Darloks
Silicoids: 3 votes, Darloks
Alkaris: 5 votes, Mrrshans (thanks!)
Sakkras: 4 votes, abstain
Me: 7 votes, abstain

My unlikely allies the Alkaris give me a council veto, but I won't feel comfortable until I can manage to do that myself. The Psilons have taken off with IT+40, gaining two votes since 2425.

Esper, Neptunus, and Collassa build their planetary shields.

2451: Quayal builds its planetary.

2452: Improved Space Scanner stolen from the Psilons. Fusion Bomb stolen from the Alkaris.

Ukko builds its planetary shield.

2453: Rebellion event:

Fierias and Stalaz build their planetary shield.

2454: Graviton beam pops, Stinger missiles next.

I accept a peace offer from the Silicoids. We form a minimal trade contract; I trade Repulsor Beam for Battle Computer Mark III.

2455: Battle Computer Mark IV pops. Mark V is next.

2456: IT+30 in, Soil Enrichment next.

2457: Spies destroy a missile base on Quayal.

Wouldn't be surprised if this uprising was the doing of the Darloks (they had spies sabotaging Paladia earlier.) I hate having the shifters for neighbors, especially with a computer-impaired race. My tech levels are rising pretty rapidly at this point, though.

2458: Ajax completes its planetary.

2459: No surprises here:

2460: Spy hit on the Psilons yields:

With a shifter frame, nice.

Energy Pulsar in this turn. Fusion Drives slated next at the engine labs.


The lizards in the corner are potentially intriguing.

The Darloks attack at Collassa are are swiftly obliterated. But here's something interesting:

The Sakkra appear via Silicoid alliance at the toxic rich planet in the south. My scout retreats from their armed colship, but no colony is founded.

2466: A fascinating development:

I may soon be facing a new council opponent.

2469: Stinger Missiles researched, Hard Beam next.

2470: Psilon spy hit:

Driving wedges between allies is fun, especially when the allies are #2 and #3 in population.

2471: Brains hit again by feline espionage agents:

Yes, yes, I would say so.

Zortium in, IIT 5 next.

2472: Darloks attack at Quayal with two (2) new battleship designs:

The spore ship goes down quickly, the other two fleets wisely retreat.

2473: Another ineffective Darlok fleet attacks at Quayal.

2474: Spy hit on brains yields Controlled Barren. Collassa builds a radiated colony ship for Artemis.

2475: Darlok spies destroy factories on Paladia.

Council vote, Mrrshans versus the Psilons this time:

Darloks: 5 votes, Psilons
Psilons: 6 votes, Psilons
Silicoids: 4 votes, Mrrshans
Alkaris: 4 votes, Mrrshans
Sakkras: 4 votes, Psilons
Mrrshans: 10 votes, Mrrshans

The galaxy is split neatly into two factions: the Psilons, Darloks and Sakkras form a tenuous alliance, while I am strongly favored by the Alkaris and Silicoids. I wonder what will break. Will the Psilons' insanity or my own spy frames can fracture the enemy confederation?

Another colship is produced for Draconis.

2476: Class V deflectors researched, Personal Absorption next.

2477: Colony at Draconis founded.

The Psilons call for peace, I agree, as the Psilons at the moment are the only other faction with Controlled Radiated.

2478: Colony at Artemis founded.

2479: Soil Enrichment researched, hurrah! Bio Toxin Antidote next.

I boost trade with the Silicoids to 350 BC/year.

2480: Darloks attack at Collassa, swiftly retreat once their spore ship is shot down.

Battle Computer MK V in, ECM V next.

Size warning from Silicoids.

2482: The Silicoids make a grave error:

2483: Darloks attack at Stalaz, are quickly repulsed.

2484: Hard Beam researched, Omega-V bombs next.

2485: Darloks attack with another sad fleet at Ukko.

2488: Fusion drives researched, opening the way to range 8.

No need for computers here, we're cats.

2493: Bio Toxin Antidote in, IT+40 next in line.

Artemis and Draconis are both terraformed and maxed at this point, working on their planetary shields.

2494: Lame Darlok attacks at both Esper and Ukko.

Personal Absorption Shield researched, the cloaking device next.

2495: Draconis builds its planetary, joins Collassa in building bombers.

2496: Artemis builds its planetary, starts on bomber building.

Spies steal IT+20 from the Silicoids.

2498: Omega-V bomb in, Anti-matter torpedoes next.

Ion fighters scrapped, reserve is dumped into Collassa, now working on a battleship.

2500: Cats vs. Psilons in the century vote.

Darloks: 5 votes, Psilons
Psilons: 7 votes, Psilons
Sillies: 3 votes, Psilons
Alkaris: 4 votes, Mrrshans
Sakkras: 5 votes, Psilons
Mrrshans: 13 votes, Mrrshans

With the treacherous rocks switching sides, the AEBSFA (Alliance of Evil and Bad-Smelling Freaky Aliens) has the upper hand on the GNFBFWHCFE (Good and Nice Federation of Best Friends Working in Harmony and Cooperation Forever and Ever). No matter. The rocks shall know their error and be ground up into cat box litter, this I know for certain.


Andrium next.

Battleship built.

Time for some war stuff.

2502: ECM Jammer I stolen from the Psilons. Truly some mighty tech voodoo going on there.

2504: We attack at Rayden.

Well, what a nice little world!

2505: Darloks attack at Stalaz, again with absolutely nothing of interest.

ECM 5 researched. Advanced Space Scanner is next in the CPU pipe.

Darloks offer peace, I reject the offer. No tribute forthcoming.

As the Silly Clods are hated by everyone, relations are up across the board.

2506: The Sillies send some ships to Rayden, but nothing the ARS/repulsor battleship can't handle.

Also in the ruins: IIT 6 and Nuclear Engines.

2507: Range 8 in, range 9 next.

2510: Collassa builds another battleship, RELOCed to Rayden.

2511: Improved Terraforming 40 researched, Cloning next available. Sillies offer peace, I flatly refuse.

2512: Huge bomber fleet is sent off to Silicoid Celtsi.

2514: Orbit acheived over Celtsi (Toxic 40); colony is destroyed by the bombing.

Screen cap for posterity:


Alliances here won't pay though, sorry.

Contact broken with the Sillies, only temporarily though.

2515: Anti-matter torps in. Megabolt Cannon is the next Weapon tech.


2518: The Psilons attack at Celtsi, are repulsed by the ARS battleship.

Serves 'em right.


2520: Mrrshan scientists reveal the secrets of cloaking device. Class 7 deflectors next.

A new friend?

Indeed, the Sakkras are at "Peaceful". A large trade contract and NAP are mine, and a new faction is welcomed into the GNFBFWHCFE.

I trade the Cloaking Device to the Psilons for IRC 4.

Hi there, neighbor, friend. Care for a brochure on the benefits of the Good and Nice Federation?



Battle Suits is the prize, although the shifters catch me and are displeased. I give the shifters Sub-Light drives in tribute to help appease them.

2525: We bomb Cryslon.

Despite the Alkaris' last-minute waffling (shame on you, Redwing) victory is mine, so let's hear it for one silly xenophobia trumping another xenophobia. Outcome: Diplomatic victory, 2525.

2524 save game