In which I play Realms Beyond Orion Imperium 9

Variant: Our start has been delayed until the year 2320, twenty turns.

Again, this report is extremely long, and as I do not have time to edit it into something readable, I instead break it into "chapters", which as they are might well still make grown men weep tears of boredom and/or suffering:

Chapter 1: Harken, the Magnificient Bulrathi Have Arrived
Chapter 2: Pardon Us, We Forgot To Mention That We Have Decided To Destroy the Darlok Empire Now
Chapter 3: Enter Alkari Space And You Will Be Destroyed On Sight
Chapter 4: The Conjunction of Planets Indicates That We Must Eradicate You

After game notes: Well, this conclusively proves that the best opening in Master of Orion is simply to lean on the "Next Turn" button for a while.

Also, don't wake up sleeping bears, they get grumpy.