King's Quest VI Walk-through
By Chris Street

WARNING: This is a complete walk-through of Sierra On-Line's adventure game "King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow"! *Do not read* if you'd rather have the satisfaction and fun of figuring out this game's puzzles and pitfalls on your own! These are not merely hints, these are out-and-out spoilers; if you read this document before you have reached the point of insanity, the game's luster will fade and dull, and all its wonder will be lost. *This is the point of no return: beyond this sentence all of the secrets are divulged!*
Alexander begins the game washed ashore on the beach of an unknown island. Look at the water, to establish to yourself that swimming here is not a good idea. Walk over to the sparkly thing on the ground (Adventurer's Rule Number 5: There's *always* a sparkly thing on the ground.) It turns out to be his royal insignia ring. Pick it up. Turn over the large plank to the right; it will reveal a half-buried treasure box. Searching treasure boxes is always a good idea; this one contains a single Daventry copper coin. Pocket this coin and walk to the north. To the east is a castle; go there, and speak to the dogs. You'll discover where you are, at least. Ask for admittance. Persist until they demand some evidence of your noble standing. Produce your royal signet; this will convince the guards and gain you an audience with the vizier, who is ruling in the stead of the reclusive Princess. After your brief speech with Abdul, you'll be shown out of the castle and refused further admittance. Walk to the village pawn shop and speak with the owner. Show him your copper coin and procure the mechanical nightingale. Next, take a mint from the bowl on the counter. Enter the bookstore next door, and talk to the owner. He'll tell you about the ferryman. Ask about the book of spells on his counter. Search the bookshelves until you find the book of love poetry; read the poems. A leaf will fall out of the book. Take the leaf. Go to the bargain table near the door and pick up the free book, then leave the bookstore. (Read the book to see what you've got, if you're wondering. If you want to have some fun playing a walk-through, that is.) Head to the north, watch the servant girl, then head to the west. A boy will dive into the water and ask you to join him, tempting you with an offer to show you to the next island. (Adventurer's Rule #7: What appears to be an easy advancement is often a deadly trap.) Note that this boy has a strange glisten in his eye. You'll be seeing that a lot, unfortunately, and it means DANGER. A red flag. A siren alert. Everytime you see a glisten in a character's eye, reel back in wariness. *This boy is not as he appears.* He turns out to be Shamir, the genie slave of the vizier, but you don't know this yet (wink, wink.) Make up an excuse for him ("Uh, sorry, kid, my mint'll melt if I take a swim," perhaps,) or better yet, ignore him, and knock on the cabin door on the ferry. The lonely ferryman will answer. Tell him that the book merchant sent you; he will then invite you in to chat. While there, prod him for as much information as you can. Keep asking him questions until he begins to repeat himself. Ask him about the rabbit's foot charm on his table; he'll give it to you. Leave the ferry. Now go back to the bookstore. A clown will be sitting in the chair, reading quietly. Talk to him. He mentions the princess! However, he seems reluctant to speak to a stranger. Show him your ring. He'll tell you his name is Jollo, that he is the court jester, give you some important information and then leave. The ferryman told you of a magical map. This sounds rather intriguing, so head over to the pawn shop. Ask the broker about it; he'll tell you he's got it, but that he requires something of great value in trade. Put your royal insignia ring in hock for the magic map. He tells you that (conveniently for the Sierra programmers and animators) the map will only work in sight of water, in the open. It'll only teleport you between beaches, in other words - a very handy item, nonetheless. Watch the strange man in the black cloak (wasn't there a strange glint in his eye?) sneak away to Alhazred and rat on you. Walk south, and see that a nightingale has perched in the tree. This is Sing Sing, Cassima's pet bird that Jollo mentioned. Play the tin nightingale for her; this will help you gain her trust. Now walk back north into the village. You'll see the pawn shop broker dump the last of the wizard's garbage into the dumping pot. Search the pot; you'll find an odd bottle, seemingly empty. Open the bottle and find it contains "invisible" ink, which makes what it is applied to invisible. Walk to the beach, and use the map to transport you to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain. Pick up the wildly-colored blossom and the feather. Next go to the Isle of Wonder. Query the oyster. Ask him why he's not asleep. Read the incredibly boring book you got off the bookstore's bargain table to him. As he yawns, quickly take the huge pearl from his mouth. He'll thank you for removing the irritant and fall asleep. Wait near the water for the odd phrase to float near to you, and fish it out of the water. Now attempt to leave the beach. Instead, you'll be met by the island's gnomish guards, who will test you with their superior senses. One gnome has superb smell, one has superb hearing, one has superb taste, one has superb touch, and one has superb eyesight. You must convince each of these guardians that you are not a man. To fool the smelling gnome, hold the overwhelming flower to his nose. He will be convinced you are a flower. To fool the hearing gnome, play the mechanical nightingale for him. He will be convinced you are a bird. To fool the tasting gnome, feed him your mint. He will be convinced you are candy. (Wouldn't Shamir love an Alexander-sized block of mint?) To fool the feeling gnome, hold out your rabbit's foot for him; he will be convinced you are a rabbit. Finally, to fool the seeing gnome, cover yourself in your "invisible" ink. You will become temporarily invisible, and convince the gnome that there isn't anything new on the beach at all! They will then walk off, presumably to a "Hear No, See No, Smell No, Feel No, Taste No Evil" convention elsewhere on the island. Having fooled the guards, you can head to the east. Ignore the spider and her web for now. Try to read a book; you'll be accosted by the Bookworm and his grammatical friends, Oxymoron (a noble savage) and Diphthong (a name containing no diphthongs!) Ask for a rare book; they'll ask you for something interesting in return. Hmm. Walk back to the oyster beach, and then north. Grab a bottle of milk off the milkweed bush. Go west to the strange garden. For now, ignore everything and go north, through the gate. Talk to the knights standing watch. Wait for the chess queens to walk up to the entrance arguing; listen to their bickering. Try to pacify them; it won't work. They leave in a huff, and the Red Queen leaves her red scarf behind her. You can't go into Chessboard Land after them to return it, so take it up. You'll find a need for it later. Go south to the garden, and talk to the rotten tomato. Add him to your inventory. Pick a head of iceberg lettuce. (No crampons required.) Go back through the swamp to the beach, and use the book to go to the Isle of the Beast. It's really a pretty spot. Talk to the strange creature hanging in the tree. He's lost and needs to be taken back home. Show him your phrase; he'll then come with you. Go north to the boiling pond and throw the head of iceberg lettuce into the water. This will cool the water down just enough to make it bearable. Pass through the river and take the hunter's lamp. Go north again to the entrance of the garden. A curious gardener will hail you and invite you to examine his flowerbed. Notice the glisten in his eyes. It's a trap! Don't enter the gate or the stone archer will shoot you. Instead, pick up the brick lying in the grass. Return to the island's beach and use the map to return to the Isle of Wonder. Take the strange creature to the Bookworm. He'll then give you a "rare" riddle book: it's only half-baked, not throughly cooked. Be careful not to slip on any of the puns strewn about this place. Read your new riddle book; a page is missing. How curious. Now, *look* at the spider web (Use the eye icon; this is important. If you use the hand icon, the spider in the web will give you a fatal bite.) You'll be introduced to the Black Widow. She makes her amorous advances; needless to say, don't accept or you'll be her next victim. Do not touch the web. Instead, carefully pull the thread caught in the sticky tangles. Use the eye to find it; it's near the bottom. The spider will slip, and you will then be able to use the hand icon to take the parchment caught in the upper left corner of the spider's web. The parchment reads, "Love." It is blown away by the wind. What book could it possibly have been torn from? Walk to the beach and use the map to travel to the Isle of the Crown. Go to the bookstore and talk to Jollo. Trade the riddle book for the spell book. Read the spell book; it contains three spells, a "magic paint" spell, a "make rain" spell, and a "charm a creature of the night" spell. (Hey, you can play Dracula with that last spell. And you could wow the Midwest playing rainmaker! And you could make dreams come true with magic paint - it's a shame river Styx water is so hard to come by!) Now, go to the pawn shop (hey, there aren't any mints left! I didn't even get one for myself!) and use your marvellous pearl to reclaim your royal signet. Trade your nightingale for the flute. Go out into the main village and read the wedding notice. Head south to the crossroads. Show your signet ring to the nightingale; she will take it to Cassima, and return with a hair ribbon. Take the ribbon. Now show the love poem to the bird. This will also be taken to Cassima, and will be met with a note from the prisoned princess. Read the note. The nightingale will return patiently to her branch. There is still one thing you will have her carry to Cassima, but you don't have it yet. Closely examine the hair ribbon; a fine strand of Cassima's ebony hair is still attached to it. Newly refreshed by Cassima's gifts, amble south to the beach. Stop sighing like a lovesick ninny! Use your magic map to travel to the Isle of Wonder again. Go north to the swamp, and west to the garden. A teacup will be sitting on the chair's velvet cushions. Carefully fetch the cup. Give the bottle of milk to one of the baby's tears; the others will (what else?) begin crying. Use your hunter's lamp to catch the tears. Next, play your flute for the shy wallflowers. They and the snapdragons will begin dancing. Once you stop playing, *quickly* remove the Hole-in-the-wall from the wall. (Now I suppose it's a Hole-in-your-pocket.) Return to the Isle of Wonder swamp. Remembering what is required for the magic paint spell, attempt to bag some swamp ooze with the teacup. The Stick-in-the-mud will spring to life and inform you that you are taking swamp *sludge*, not swamp *ooze*, and that the only genuine swamp ooze is near him. Since you can't go out there to get it (you'll die), ask the stick for some ooze. He'll refuse, like a little swamp toad. Talk to his brother, Bump-on-a-log. Give Bump-on-a-log the rotten tomato (aren't you glad to be rid of it?) and watch the battle. They fight, and then (oddly enough) all decide to take naps at the same moment. Use your teacup to scrape some swamp ooze off of Bump-on-a-log. You now have a vital element of the magic paint spell. Head back to the beach and use the map to travel to the Isle of the Crown. Go to the pawn shop and trade your flute for the tinderbox and flint. (Trick: You can use the Hole-in-the-wall on the blank wall just on the side of the castle. You can then spy into the basement. You won't learn much, except that even the basement is patrolled by guards in this suspicious time. Be sure to retrieve your Hole-in-the-wall once you're done snooping.) Walk to the beach and travel to the Sacred Mountain. You must now solve the five challenges of the Cliffs of Logic. To decipher these puzzles, you must have your program's documentation (this is Sierra's form of copy protection.) Be careful climbing the steps on the cliffs. Once at the top, an old woman will meet you and try to get you to eat some berries, claiming you will be able to fly at will where you want to go. Since adventurers suddenly enabled to fly over the cliff puzzles would circumvent Sierra's copy protection scheme, and make its lawyers very unhappy, you decide this *has* to be a trick, and it is. The nightshade berries are very poisonous. This is a ploy of Shamir the genie again. Instead of eating the berries, walk north. You will then be captured by winged guards and taken to the king and queen of the isle. They decide that you may be a warrior prophesied to best the Minotaur who has defiled their catacombs and abducted their princess. You are thrown into the catacombs to meet your fate, and it will be seen whether you are a hero or the foreign saboteur that Vizier Alhazred has warned them of. I'll just guide you through this maze with directions. Instead of compass headings (north, south, east, west), I'll use more relative directions (up, down, right, left) as these make more contextual sense in the dark tombs. Go up, up, right, right, up. You are now in a room with a couple complete skeletons. Pick up the lonely human skull. (You collect very strange things in adventure games.) Go down, left, left, up, left. You are now in a room with a trick floor. Be careful to step only on the solid tiles. From the entrance tile you start on, go to the tile just above that on the screen, to the tile diagonally below and to the left, to the next tile diagonally below and to the left, to the tile just above that tile, to the tile just above that tile, to the tile diagonally above that tile and to the left, to the tile diagonally below that tile and to the left, to the tile just below that tile. Go left, up. You are now in a room with a wooden shield on the wall. Take the shield. Go up, up, up, left, left. Hark! The skeleton on the back wall has a glisten in his eyes! Could it be Shamir the genie in disguise? No, they are two old copper coins (old corroded copper coins with lustre? Oh, well, just accept it, despite the numismatic problems) that covered the dead person's eyes. Showing no respect for the deceased, pocket the two coins (Grave robber!) Go right, right, down, right. Oh, no! In pure Indiana Jones fashion, you've come upon a trap room with a descending celing (Adventurer's Rule #10: Every adventure game has to have at least one trap room with a descending celing.) You've only seconds before you'll be mashed into a pulp! Luckily, the solution to these rooms is always remarkably similar: throw the proverbial monkey wrench into the works. Lacking a monkey wrench, throw your brick in between the gears. They'll come to a stop. (Adventurer's Rule #11: Whenever you stop the gears in a trap room with a descending celing - which are always accessible and rarely hidden - the doors magically open.) Having broken the machinery, you are now free to travel through this room as you need to. Go right, right, up, right. Uh, oh! This room has a trap floor which caves in underneath Prince Alexander! It takes him to a lower level of the catacombs. This new room is pitch black. Use your tinderbox to shed some light on affairs. Alexander will then find the extinguished torch and light it. You may now continue. Go down, down, down, down, left, left, left, up, up. You are now in a room with a dusty tapestry. Hmm. Examine it; you won't find anything just yet. Go down, down, left, down, left, left, up, left, up, up, right, right, right. Now you'll hear some odd sounds coming from just the other side of the wall. Put your Hole-in-the-wall on the east wall, to find out what is causing the noises. You'll see the Minotaur going through a secret passage, triggered by a secret switch behind the old tapestry. Aha! The poor abused Hole-in-the- wall will now hurry off. Go left, left, left, down, down, right, down, right, right, up, right, up, up. *Now* examine the tapestry. Search behind it, and you'll find the means to open the Minotaur's secret passage. Go into it, and you're in the Minotaur's lair. There's the stolen princess! To defeat the Minotaur, try something silly (for example, try to throw the skull at it.) The princess will then call out to you, and direct the Minotaur's attention to you. Great. He'll slowly approach you (he's scaring you stiff so you'll be easy to pounce on, just like a good predator.) Keep your wits as you back away towards the raging firepit. Unfurl the Red Queen's scarf and wave it before the Minotaur. He's at least half bull, as the waving red cloth riles him up, and, before you can say, "Toro, toro!", the Minotaur charges into the firepit. So is the beast bested, and the bullock flummoxed. (How profound!) Now untie the princess. Your efforts don't succeed, so she gives you a dagger to cut the cords. Having freed her of her ropes, she lets you keep the dagger in her gratitude, and shows you the way out. The king and queen are grateful and take you to the great Oracle as promised. Just watch the Oracle and listen. You are given a vial of the Oracle's sacred water and returned to the beach. You are warned to never return to the mountain again (gee, I only saved your island's princess, already!) as the Vizier Alhazred has commanded them to destroy you. On your magic map, a new island has appeared: the Isle of the Mists. Go there now, and head to the west (NOT north, not yet.) You're in the Druid's camp. Take a lump of coal from their dead campfire, and take the scythe hanging to the left. Return the way you came: do not head for the noises. You are not prepared. On the beach, use the map to travel to the Isle of the Beast. Travel north, through the steaming pond, and north again to the garden. Use the shield to get past the stone archer. Go north towards the gazebo; rosebushes will grow in your path to halt your progress. Use your scythe to force your way through. You are now within view of a magnificent castle. A beast meets you, and explains that the traps were a means to protect you, and that you will be transformed into his bestial slave, and serve him in solitude in a motley form. The only way out of the enchantment is to break his by finding him a maiden to love him freely, and become his forever. The beast gives you his ring as a token. You must find someone to accept the Beast's ring to save him and yourself. Go south into the garden again, and pick a white rose from the bush. Perform the next steps quickly: do not dawdle. You only have a short time until Alexander transforms into a horrible animal and becomes the Beast's slave forever. Go south to the Beast's beach and use the map to go to the Isle of the Crown. Head to the stucco house where you saw the servant girl tending the roses. She'll now be within conversation-holding distance. Try to talk to her. Give her the white rose, and show her the Beast's ring. She'll agree to come with you. You'll return to the Beast's garden automatically, the spell will be broken, and you'll receive the servant girl's old clothes and the Beast's mirror as a reward. Watch the happy couple go off together. Then you get to play mad chemist. Add the sacred water to the lamp of baby's tears. Then let some of the fountain water fall into the lamp. You now have all of the ingredients for the rain making spell in the hunter's lamp. Use the spell book on the lamp, and cast the "make rain" spell. All that's left to do now is bring the enchanted water to a boil... (Trick: you can sneak into the castle disguised as a servant girl. Go to the castle's entrance, sneak into the doggies', ahem, hut, and change into Beauty's clothes. It's not necessary to win the game, however, and it's very dangerous, but it's fun, and something to try sometime.) Go south and pick another white rose. Hey, if it's good enough for the Beast's best girl, it's good enough for Princess Cassima, right? Now return to the beach and head for the Isle of Wonder. Walk to the strange garden. Note that a bottle labelled "DRINK ME" has materialized on the coffeetable ("Curiouser and curiouser!" quoth Alice.) This bottle's contents do not have any size-impacting qualities, however what it does do is... well, perhaps a demonstration is in order. Sample the contents of the bottle. Horrors! That's a potent potion... but it has a use. Go through the gate to the edge of Chessboard Land. The queens will approach. To quell their quarrel, give the White Queen the lump of coal you plucked out the Druids' communal firepit. In gratitude, they will present you with a rotten egg. Don't open it, however much you may be tempted to do so. Go back to the oyster beach, and return via magic map to the Isle of the Crown. Go north to the crossroads and give Sing Sing the nightingale the white rose for Princess Cassima. Head north to the village and enter the pawn shop. (Trick: you can show the genie, disguised as a cloaked old man, the Beast's mirror. This causes him to hurry away in horror, thinking he's been revealed, but you don't want to do that; you need to convince him you're dead.) Drink the potion and about scare the poor curiosities seller to death. The genie Shamir hurries to the castle to bring Abdul Alhazred the bright news that you're dead and shan't bother him anymore. Note the shape and color of the lamp the genie enters. You'll want to obtain a duplicate later. You soon revive (it's a good thing that potion isn't long lasting) and tell the broker what's up. He's delighted at your cleverness. (Or ability to read walk-throughs, as the case may be.) While you're here, trade your tinderbox in for the painter's brush. Quickly steal away to the beach and plea for rain. Oh, wait, you don't have to do that. Alright, beg for the winds to carry you to the Isle of Mists. No, you've a magic map, you don't need to do that, either. But get to the Isle of Mists, however you may, and boldly go where I explicitly warned you *not* to go earlier: you know, north. The time has come. The Druids will place you in what's brightly termed a "sacrificial cage". The wicker will catch on fire, which you'll beat out with Beauty's womanly clothing. (So much for sneaking in the castle, if you use this method to win.) But the contents of your hunter's lamp will be brought to a boil, and the rain will come... There'll be a jarring segue to the next sequence, as the Sierra animators didn't feel like concocting a rainstorm for our visual feasting. This display of ten-pence sorcery will convince the Druids that you're a "great nature wizard" and therefore not one to be sacrificed. They'll leave you in their stone ring, alone, with the oaken embers... oh! How great! Oaken embers are the very thing you need for a "charm a creature of the night" spell! Scoop a fine selection of glowing embers into your human skull, which you've been keeping handy for just such an opportune moment. Head for the beach, and use your formidable magic powers, which you've just made an awe-inspring show of, to usher you to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain. Despite your warnings not to return, you have to make sure the steed Night Mare isn't chewing on some yummy nightshade berries... And sure enough, there's the black stallion noshing on a tasty nightshade treat. If there ever was a "creature of the night", I suppose it would be the equine carrier of the dead, so let's cast the enchantment. Add your maiden's hair (that would be Princess Cassima's hair, of course) and a quantity of brimstone (afforded by your putrid, fetid spoiled egg) to your skull. Make sure the embers are still glowing hot. Now cast the spell on the skull. The horse will become docile and carry out your demand: to be carried to the Land of the Dead. Gather up all your bravery, good traveller, despite all of the horrors and wonders you've seen so far, nothing can rival the eerie, spooky, ghostly and ghastly Land of the Dead. You're carried to a high place in the Deadlands, where freshly dead ghouls and zombies wander about. *Do not let them brush against you, or you shall die.* Talk to the translucent King and Queen: they won't kill you. The Queen gives you her ticket to the underworld (hey, that could come in handy!) Travel to the east (carefully avoiding the undead, of course) and you shall see a conspicuous specter floating in midair. Speak to her, and she'll tell you a story of woe about her lost son. She gives you her handkerchief to show the boy if you ever find him. You take the hankie, and she flies off. Continue north, to the entrance to the underworld. Here is a skeleton carrying a skeleton key, and a ticket-taker ushering the newly dead into the underworld. There is also a set of bones laid out in a row on the right. Now for what is perhaps the silliest part of the game. Pick up the two bones laying near the carefully arranged row, and Alexander will begin playing them like a xylophone. The skeletons begin dancing, and in all the the jumping up and down and leg kicking, the key skeleton loses his skeleton key. Enjoy this scene. Revel in its goofiness. Pick up the dropped key. Then, gird yourself up, and give the ticket-taker what he asks for. You have gained admittance to the underworld, in the brave but foolish effort to challenge Death himself. Examine the fallen knight. Take his black gauntlet. Then continue down the path (be careful! You can fall off the narrow path if you're not wary!) Then, when you've reached the bottom, gather some of the inky water of the river Styx in your teacup. Give the two old, corroded coppers to Charon as a toll, and board his ferry. Once you've crossed the river Styx, you must pass the gate. Try opening it; it molds into a face and asks if it can eat you. Don't let it. (Adventurer's Rule #6: If a strange, unearthly creature asks for permission to eat you, Just Say No!) Talk to it; demand safe passage. It will then ask you a riddle (of course, with your life in the balance.) Now, what could the answer be? The answer is "love", as your parchment told you. (Actually, the riddle itself is not terribly hard, if you carefully consider what it says. It's solvable. For example, in the first line, "first legally" refers to the first letter in "legally", L. Each other line gives you one more letter of the word "love" in similar manner.) Inside is Death's throne room, a very cheery place. Ask one of Death's servants to speak with Death and you'll be shown to his throne. You may now challenge Death. He tells you to kiss his hand and become one of the dead; knowing Adventurer's Rule #6, you Just Say No. It's silly to die if you've a choice not to. Instead, you throw down the black gauntlet and ask for your right to challenge Death. You tell him you require the lives of the King and Queen of the Green Isles, and that having your own life would be nice, too. He gives you your challenge: to make him, master of sorrows, to cry. You oblige, by showing him the Beast's mirror. Horrified and greatly saddened at all the loss he sees, he cries a single tear. This is enough, and he grants you your request: all three lives. He also allows you return from his domain to the land of the living. Night Mare deposits you at the Isle of the Crown; the King and Queen go off to muster support elsewhere. Go to the village, and exchange your hunter's lamp for the long blue-green specimen (wide and round at the bottom), which is a double of Shamir's lamp. You hurry to the side of the castle. You mix the contents of the teacup with the black feather, and the magic paint is complete. Paint a door on the blank wall of the castle with your painter's brush (Rembrandt this guy's not), and knock three times. Whoops! Sorry, I was thinking of "Beetlejuice." Cast the magic paint spell on the painting. It will become an actual door, and you will be able to enter the castle. However, it vanishes once you're on the other side. Head down the front east passage to the other side of the basement. Enter the door on the east wall. This is Jollo's chamber. He's happy to see you, but concerned, of course. Give him the lamp you obtained from the peddler. He promises to purloin the genie for you. Leave the room. Head back to the west, where you came in. Enter the middle dungeon. You'll find a little ghost boy. Speak to him; ask him his troubles. He's the son of the unfortunate mother ghost you met in the Land of the Dead! Show him the hankie; he'll know what to do. He'll tell you of a secret passage behind a suit of armor. Go down the *back* east passage. Don't open the guard room door (well, O.K. I suppose *that's* obvious.) Shake the suit of armor's hand. A secret passage will open up in the wall, which Alexander will enter. Note the chink in the wall here. Look through it. The guards are discussing what a weird man they're serving. He talks to doors! But whatever opens the magic door, the first part is "Ali". Go up the stairs. Why, there's another chink in the wall, exactly like the one downstairs! (Amazing. There's more looking through walls in this game than "Sequel Police" in Space Quest IV.) Look through the chink. It's Princess Cassima! Talk to her. She needs a weapon; hand her the dagger the winged princess gave you. Glow in the sweetness of the moment, then watch it turn miserable as the genie takes Alex's sweetheart out of the way for the wedding. Go to the hall at the left, and walk down it. Well, guess what? Peek through the chink in the wall *here*. You will see the vizier writing a letter to one of his, er, "friends." This will basically establish what you've already guessed: that Abdul is a slime-encrusted grade-A irritating nudnik. Keep travelling down the hallway to the end, and open the secret door at the very end of the hall. It enters into a wardrobe and... the mystical land of Narnia? No such luck. It's the Alhazred's (shudder) bedroom. Open the box of ebony. Inside are some uninteresting ivory dice, a little brush, and (wow!) a piece of paper with the world "Zebu" written on it. Be sure to examine it with the eye icon: that's worth a point. Putting together the pieces like gum to a hintbook (more shades of Space Quest IV!) Alexander determines that the magic password must be "Ali Zebu" (son of a camel? "Zebu"?) Now to snoop inside that mysterious locked chest... but how to open it? With the "skeleton" key, of course! Inside is the official Sierra "guidebook" (hah! Alhazred must be part of a vast software piracy ring! Are there no depths to how low this man will sink?) But what's important is the stack of letters... correspondence Abdul's been holding with the Society of the Black Cloak. Pluck the top letter off and read it, it might be interesting. Sure enough, it implicates the vizier in treachery. Alexander pockets the letter and leaves through the wardrobe. Follow the hallway back to the stairway, go down it, and use the hand icon to reopen the secret passage. Head to the left and speak "Ali Zebu" to the magic door. It opens, and Alexander walks inside. There, he removes the tablecloth from the table in the center of the treasure room and looks at the objects one by one. Why, vizier Alhazred's been stealing the treasures of each island with his genie and blaming it on the other islands, creating unrest and disunity! Alex recovers the vizier's dirty secret and leaves the treasure room. The wedding's beginning, and guards are coming! Alexander goes to the east (through the front hallway) and up the stairs to the palace's main floor. He tries to sneak a peek at the wedding through the ajar throne room doors, but Saladin comes out and demands Alex to explain himself. Prince Alexander quickly shows Saladin the letter he filched from Abdul's hope chest, which the princely dog reads. He then shows Alex into the throne room, where the wedding is taking place: and Princess Cassima is apparently giving consent to marry the vicious vizier! Saladin asks Alexander to prove that Cassima truly loves him and not Abdul "the Animal" Alhazred, which leads to the most difficult puzzle in the game. Why is this puzzle so difficult? Well, for one thing, it has no answer; Alexander can't do it! Talking to Saladin or showing him the stuff in his inventory will not convince him, and will only result in Alex's getting run through. So don't even try. Just walk up to the wedding couple, and hope for some kind of deus ex machina to save you... ...Sure enough, just as you're about to be killed, the true King and Queen of the Green Isles show up with reenforcements: supporters! The ice-cold Princess Cassima vanishes in a *poof!* of smoke, to be replaced with Abdul's genie! Why, it was all a trick! The wedding was a sham! The princess isn't here at all!... well, if that's the case, where is she? The evil vizier, seeing his plans falling to parts, quickly flees through a secret door, ordering the genie to fend off the intruders. Alexander can't help them; he must follow Alhazred to find his precious Cassima. Follow the evil wretch up his spiral staircase. He'll lead you to a tower, where he's secretly keeping your beloved. Next, Alhazred will command the genie to destroy you. The genie begins to conjure up a dazzle ball to destroy you. Just in the nick of time, Jollo shows up with the pilfered lamp. Use the lamp on the genie, and he'll no longer obey Abdul, and will be glad to be free of him. Abdul will produce a nimble falchion and threaten you. Quickly grab the sword hanging on the wall. It proves a bit cumbersome, but it allows you to defend yourself. Click the sword icon on the evil vizier (is there any other kind? I mean, come on, when was the last time the vizier *didn't* do it?) This will begin the epic sword fight. If the fighting stops, don't chicken out, click the sword on Abdul again. Eventually, Abdul will gain the upper hand, beat you to the ground - this could be the end... Princess Cassima will then use the dagger you gave her to nick Abdul in the shoulder (Gee, it's a good thing neither Shamir nor the vizier frisked her or anything, isn't it?) This allows you to keep up the fight (click the sword icon on Abdul again.) Keep fighting him; eventually you'll give him a blow upside the head with the heavy blade which knocks him to the ground. You are victorious. Sit back and watch the ending sequence. Total points: 227 of 231, 98% of mainstream puzzles solved POINT BREAKDOWN: Alexander retrieves his royal signet from the beach ...... 1 pt Alexander turns over the plank ........................... 1 pt Alexander takes the coin from the treasure chest ......... 1 pt Alexander proves his identity to the dog guards .......... 3 pts Alexander speaks to vizier Abdul Alhazred ................ 2 pts Alexander gives the copper to the curiosities merchant ... 2 pts Alexander takes a mint ................................... 1 pt Alexander talks to the bookseller ........................ 1 pt Alexander asks about the book of spells .................. 2 pts Alexander reads the book of love poetry .................. 1 pt Alexander takes the leaf from the poetry book ............ 1 pt Alexander procures the free book from the bargain table .. 1 pt Alexander tells the ferryman the book dealer sent him .... 2 pts Alexander takes the rabbit's foot in the ferry cabin ..... 1 pt Alexander shows his ring to Jollo, the court clown ....... 4 pts Alexander pawns his ring for the magic map ............... 5 pts Alexander plays the tin nightingale for Sing Sing ........ 4 pts Alexander finds the bottle of "invisible" ink ............ 1 pt Alexander first uses the magic map ....................... 1 pt Alexander takes the flower of stench ..................... 1 pt Alexander finds the horse feather ........................ 1 pt Alexander reads the book to the tired oyster ............. 2 pts Alexander removes the giant pearl from the oyster's mouth 1 pt Alexander removes the string of words from the ocean ..... 1 pt Alexander fools one of the island's five guardians ....... 2 pts (5x) Alexander takes a bottle of milk (first time) ............ 1 pt Alexander takes the Red Queen's equally red scarf ........ 1 pt Alexander finds Rotten Tomato ............................ 1 pt Alexander picks a head of iceberg lettuce (first time) ... 1 pt Alexander finds the dangling participle .................. 2 pts Alexander cools the boiling pond ......................... 4 pts Alexander takes the hunter's lamp ........................ 1 pt Alexander gets his "rare" book ........................... 2 pts Alexander reads the "rare" book .......................... 1 pt Alexander pulls the thread ............................... 1 pt Alexander reads the parchment ............................ 2 pts Alexander trades for the book of spells .................. 1 pt Alexander ransoms his royal insignia ring ................ 2 pts Alexander gives his ring to Sing Sing .................... 3 pts Alexander picks up the ribbon ............................ 1 pt Alexander reads Cassima's note to him .................... 1 pt Alexander finds a strand of Cassima's hair ............... 1 pt Alexander takes the teacup ............................... 1 pt Alexander gives the milk to a baby's tear ................ 2 pts Alexander fetches the baby's tear's tears ................ 1 pt Alexander plays for the wallflowers ...................... 2 pts Alexander gets a Hole-in-the-wall ........................ 1 pt Alexander gives Rotten Tomato to Bump-on-a-log ........... 3 pts Alexander gets a quantity of real swamp ooze ............. 1 pt Alexander solves one of the five Logic Cliffs puzzles .... 1 pt (5x) Alexander finds a human skull ............................ 1 pt Alexander passes the trick floor room (first time) ....... 3 pts Alexander takes the wooden shield ........................ 1 pt Alexander takes the old coins ............................ 1 pt Alexander solves the trap room ........................... 2 pts Alexander lights the dark room ........................... 2 pts Alexander puts Hole-in-the-wall on the wall .............. 1 pt Alexander looks through Hole-in-the-wall ................. 1 pt Alexander finds the secret passage to the Minotaur's lair 1 pt Alexander defeats the Minotaur ........................... 3 pts Alexander visits the Oracle .............................. 5 pts Alexander receives a vial of sacred water ................ 1 pt Alexander takes a lump of coal ........................... 1 pt Alexander takes the scythe ............................... 1 pt Alexander gets past the stone archer ..................... 3 pts Alexander gets past the magical rose hedge ............... 3 pts Alexander accepts the Beast's task ....................... 1 pt Alexander picks a white rose (first time) ................ 1 pt Alexander gives the servant girl the rose ................ 2 pts Alexander shows the girl the Beast's token ............... 2 pts Alexander receives the servant clothes and mirror ........ 2 pts Alexander puts the sacred water in the hunter's lamp ..... 1 pt Alexander puts falling water in the hunter's lamp ........ 1 pt Alexander casts the "make rain" spell .................... 3 pts Alexander takes the "DRINK ME" potion .................... 1 pt Alexander finds out what the potion does ................. 1 pt Alexander gives the White Queen the lump of coal ......... 1 pt Alexander gives Sing Sing a white rose ................... 1 pt Alexander convices Shamir that he is dead ................ 3 pts Alexander makes rain ..................................... 2 pts Alexander gets some hot oaken embers ..................... 1 pt Alexander puts the maiden's hair in the skull ............ 1 pt Alexander adds sulphur to the skull ...................... 1 pt Alexander casts the "charm a creature of the night" spell 3 pts Alexander talks to the King and Queen of the Green Isles . 3 pts Alexander talks to the sad mother ghost .................. 1 pt Alexander plays the skeletal xylophone ................... 2 pts Alexander gets the skeleton key .......................... 1 pt Alexander gives the ticket-taker a ticket ................ 3 pts Alexander takes the black gauntlet ....................... 1 pt Alexander obtains some water from the river Styx ......... 1 pt Alexander pays the ferry toll ............................ 3 pts Alexander answers the riddle of the gate ................. 3 pts Alexander throws down the gauntlet for Death ............. 2 pts Alexander wins Death's challenge ......................... 4 pts Alexander trades for a duplicate lamp .................... 1 pt Alexander stirs the magic paint .......................... 1 pt Alexander paints a door .................................. 1 pt Alexander gives the door a touch of reality .............. 3 pts Alexander enters the castle .............................. 2 pts Alexander gives Jollo the ersatz genie lamp .............. 3 pts Alexander shows the little boy ghost his mother's hankie . 3 pts Alexander enters the castle's secret passage ............ 2 pts Alexander eavesdrops on the guard dogs' conversation ..... 2 pts Alexander looks through the chink into Cassima's chamber . 1 pt Alexander gives Princess Cassima a dagger ................ 3 pts Alexander looks through the chink into the study ......... 1 pt Alexander looks at the "Zebu" piece of paper ............. 1 pt Alexander opens Abdul's locked chest ..................... 1 pt Alexander reads one of Abdul's letters ................... 1 pt Alexander opens the magic door ........................... 2 pts Alexander looks at all of the lost treasures ............. 2 pts Alexander shows Saladin Abdul's letter ................... 3 pts Alexander confronts Abdul at the altar ................... 5 pts Alexander gets the real genie's lamp from Joloo .......... 1 pt Alexander gains control of Shamir the genie .............. 5 pts Alexander uses the sword to fight Abdul .................. 1 pt (2x) Alexander defeats Abdul Alhazred and wins the game ....... 5 pts TOTAL 227 pts

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