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Web Links

May I suggest planning a trip to any of the following Web sites some time soon?

Humor and Entertainment

The Onion News the way it should be. But c'mon, if you don't know that The Onion rocks, well, what cave have you been living in?
Seanbaby If you don't think Seanbaby is hysterically funny, you have simply grown tired of life.
X-Entertainment Excellent page for generation X-ers' nostalgia, with plenty of vintage video and multimedia.
Portal of Evil The weirdest, strangest, and saddest Web pages of all time are linked here.
Jump the Shark Come discuss when your favorite television show "jumped the shark," that is - when you knew its best days were over forever.
Japanese Engrish Amusingly butchered English seen in Japan (and other countries.)
Bad Candy Reviews of horrific candy from around the world. Humorous Photoshopped billboards and real-life photographs, along with trivia, jokes and a few articles.
Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension Oh, you think you know bad movies, hmm? No, Ken knows bad movies. I've been a regular reader and forum contributor to this site since, well, just after it started. Terrific stuff.
How To Write Unmaintainable Code If you're a programmer at all, you'll find this very funny and insightful indeed. Codehappy-recommended.
Civilization Fanatics' Center In the gaming world, Sid Meier and Civilization rule all! Few games have consumed more hours of my life. This is the center for sharpening your Civ skills. Let loose the dogs of war!
The Freeciv Website Since I mentioned Sid Meier's Civilization, I should point out this GNU open-source implementation especially for you Linux users. And developers, if you're so inclined, you too can get involved to improve the game!
Rinkworks Home of Computer Stupidities and Book-A-Minute. An often-updated website with plenty of fun content. The home of "Viking Kittens". That alone makes it deserve a spot here.
Mr. Cranky I'm not hard on the movies. Mr. Cranky is hard on the movies! Some of his reviews are just hysterical.
The Slime Society Do you remember Carleton Production's You Can't Do That on Television fondly? If so, you'll like this site just fine. Here's some more tips: go to for scads of frame grabs from the show, and to Barth's Burgery to download full episodes!
I-Mockery Irreverent, strange and utterly twisted humor.
The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project A legend in its own time. Here it is again, read it over, it's still funny.
Evil Overlord List Considering taking over the universe? Be sure to read these lengthy lists on what you should NOT, under any circumstances, do, lest you bring about your own downfall.
Joe the Circle An old-skool web comic that is quite amusing.
8-Bit Theater One more web comic that truly rocks.


Textfiles.Com Textfiles from the good old days of microcomputing - the days of BBSing and FidoNet, when the World Wide Web was a gleam in its mother's eye.
Project Gutenburg A digital archive of many public-domain works of literature. Great culture and a cheap education.
Google THE search engine. AltaVista and Lycos only wished that they could be this good. Now searches Usenet and news sites!
Astronomy Picture of the Day Amazing pictures of the cosmos, with a new one posted every day. A large amount of explanatory information and links is given for each one.
The Voynich manuscript A site with a large number of links relating to the Voynich manuscript, a mysterious medieval document written in a secret code that nobody has yet been able to break.
The Baseball Almanac If you like the game of baseball at all, you need to visit this page.
Operation Clambake Curious about the Church of Scientology? I'd peruse this web site first before filling out the "free personality test".
Baseball Sim Central If you're a baseball gamer at all, then this is the website for you.
Crank Dot Net Basically the Portal of Evil for the academia world. The stories of cranks, crackpots, snake-oil salesmen and loons of every type and description are kept here.
Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names Like it says on the tin. Definitely informative, all right.
The Internet Archive These people archive. They archive the entire Internet, that is. An amazing resource if you need to track down a page that mysteriously disappeared.
The Logbook Science fiction, classic video games, and music. Broad in scope, yes, but with an impressive amount of information.
Jack Chick Museum of Fine Art HAW HAW! If you don't know, Jack Chick is a fundamentalist tract publisher, whose paranoid conspiracy theories have made him notorious. That and the fact that his tracts are classified "hate literature" in many countries. This is a site reviewing many of Chick's finest (?) works. Here's the official site, too, wherein you can read most of the tracts yourself.
Slashdot "News for nerds. Stuff that matters." Indeed, / . (Slashdot) is a great source of nerdy news, and the Slashdot user community is very entertaining and informative.
Disturbing Auctions It's simply amazing what people will buy.
Flags of the World Over 30,000 images of flags from around the world. (You read that right, thirty thousand.)

Musical Links

The Classical Archives MIDI and MP3 files of every sort of Western classical music, from pre-Baroque to the post-Impressionists. Many of the classical sequences on my music page are also available from this page.
Wendy Carlos Wendy Carlos is a pioneer of electronic music. Her compositions experiment with all sorts of non-traditional scales and tonality. She has a fine web page, too. All sorts of free MP3 files, in all genres.
TiMidity++ TiMidty++ is a free software MIDI player, which can produce much nicer output than most default players.

Still Other Stuff

Wockerjabby I'm not too keen on linking to web-diaries, but Wockerjabby is worthy.
Western Washington University The alma mater. These people grabbed the domain before I could. I frankly can't believe it. If I only had trademarked the handle before then.... hmmm....
Microsoft The behemoth in my backyard. Please don't hate it, it's wuvvable!

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