Eclectic Lunchbox of Delights

Mind Moot Meeting Minutes

Meeting 1

On 14 May 1998 at 04:33 GMT, the Mind Moot Moderator brought the following question to the table, as proposed by (Sir John Underbelly):

"Why do peaches have pits?"

Please present your answers in a concise, orderly, precise fashion, one at a time... and please don't get too on each other's nerves.

Aristotle (Philosopher, Great Thinker)

"Why do birds have wings?"

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Philosopher, Composer)

"Why do fish have fins?"

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz (Philosopher, Mathematician)

"Why does the triangle have an hypotenuese?"

The Mad Hatter (Special Guest)

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

Sherlock Holmes (Deductive Logician, Detective)

"In the realm of forms, the ideal peach acheives the perfect harmonious balance of fuzz, flesh and pit. Without any of these elements, a peach becomes something other than a peach. Perhaps, if a Pitless Peach can be conceived, there exists a Perfect Pitless Peach in the realm of forms. If you seek such a hollow fruit, Platonic theory demands an austere, ascetic life of intense devotion and dialectical mediation in the pursuit of the prize."

William Shakespeare (Poet, Playwright)

"Your speech is indeed pitless, good Sir Holmes."


"Teleologically speaking, the pit exists to facilitate reproduction of the species. Anthropically speaking, it exists to be a pain in the arse."

Mark Twain (Author, Humorist)

"Peaches have pits to promote spitting contests."

Verified and authenticated this day, 14 May 1998 at 04:56 GMT, by my hand:
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