Codehappy's NetHack page

(celebrating and studying the best of all Roguelikes)

Here are links to a few of my NetHackish efforts:

TTYrec tools. These include a Windows tool for converting ttyrec recordings into AVI, along with a tool for concatenating and parsing ttyrecs of NetHack games.

Various facts and statistics about on the play of expert NetHackers, using the ttyconcat tool.

A collection of fast ascensions in ttyrec format.

An analysis of bones files in NetHack 3.4.3, based on thousands of bones files. This includes the likelihood of items, artifacts or monsters in bones piles on any dungeon level.

Things NOT to do in NetHack, a little video series. Replete with absurd music for your torture/enjoyment.

A list of some of the more interesting Vladsbanes used.