I was just looking through my database of analyzed NetHack ttyrec goodness. One of the things it tracks is Vladsbanes. Here are some of the things that people have wielded and used as a Vladsbane, along with the player(s) who have used that object. As you can see, practically anything can be (and has been) used as a Vladsbane:

2 food rations named Vladsbane (scorchgeek)
2 lizard corpses (vicviper)
2 melons (stathol)
5 crossbow bolts named Vladsbane (scorchgeek)
a blessed +2 scalpel named Knifin' around... cutcutcutcutcutcut (vicviper)
a blessed +7 elven dagger named main (nemtest)
a blessed +7 silver spear named Gungnir (vicviper)
a blessed bag of holding (squidlarkin)
a blessed glittering spellbook (thn)
a blessed lamp called oil (Maud, btt)
a blessed potion called booze (thn)
a blessed rustproof +6 mace named Artifactweapon (codehappy)
a blessed rustproof +6 mace named FaceBane (doomturtle)
a blessed rustproof +7 lance named Lance of Longinus (vicviper)
a blessed rustproof +7 mace named My god won't give me a good weapon (vicviper)
a blessed rustproof +7 mace named the Smitre of Bashiness (also vicviper)
a blessed rustproof +7 mace named who needs an artifact (durron597)
a blessed rustproof +7 pick-axe named Mazebane (zgedneil)
a blessed rustproof +7 spear named ammo (nemtest)
a blessed rusty -3 orcish dagger named Elfrist (spontiff)
a blessed thoroughly rusty +4 pair of gauntlets of power (thn)
a blessed very rusty +5 katana (codehappy)
a blessed wand of death (0:5) (kerio)
a corroded +4 trident named Mars' Cockpuncher (krenium)
a cursed amulet of strangulation (PaRaD0xx)
a cursed magic marker (1:4) (rast)
a cursed potion of extra healing (theta, efot, maud)
a cursed robe (PaRaD0xx)
a cursed scroll of enchant weapon (cstaub67)
a cursed spellbook of protection (stth)
a cursed stethoscope (demirobin)
a rubber hose named Vladbane (yasdorian)
a square amulet (efot)
a very corroded oil lamp named Vladsbane (edmu52c)
a wand of undead turning (0:7) (spazm)
an amulet called life saving named Vlad's (codehappy)
an uncursed +2 bullwhip named Vladswhip (scorchasc)
an uncursed -2 silver dagger (smorgas)
an uncursed amber stone (nuslayer)
an uncursed banana (mmyy)
an uncursed corroded bell named Vladsbane (edmu52c)
an uncursed ring of free action (gelrath)
an uncursed runed dagger named Sting (thn)
an uncursed sack (funcrunch)
an uncursed tin opener (krenium)
apple named Vladsbane (scorchgeek)
bag called sack (codehappy)
banana named Vladbane (ykstort)
bare foreclaws (maud -- and serious style points)
Bell of Opening (a bunch of people: it's silver after all)
blindfold named Vladsbane (demirobin)
bowl of FALCON CRUNCH !! (vicviper)
brass lantern named Vladsbane (edmu52c)
bugle named Vladsbane (yasdorian, edmu52c)
can of grease (stathol)
can of grease named Vladsbane (scorchgeek)
can of grease named Vladsgrease (scorchgeek)
candle (casmith789, codehappy)
candy bar named Vladsbane (wooble, askhl)
carrot named Vladbane (doomturtle, wooble)
cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor named Bosco's Amulet (vicviper)
chest named V-L-A-double D (efot)
clove of garlic named Vladbane (doomturtle)
conical hat named Vladsbane (nomiisama)
credit card named Vladsbane (edmu52c)
crystal plate mail named Vladsbane (drsunglass)
dart named Vladsbane (nomiisama)
dilithium crystal named Vladsbane (wooble)
drum of earthquake named funny Vladsbane (nomiisama)
eucalyptus leaf (smorgas)
Eye of the Aethiopica (scorchasc)
Eyes of the Overworld (scorchasc)
fortune cookie (codehappy, muad, wooble)
frost horn named StrikeFromBehindCreator (scorchasc)
gloved foreclaws (maud, cow9)
Hawaiian shirt (spontiff, stathol)
heart (muad)
Heart of Ahriman (scorchgeek)
heavy iron ball (hangar, edmu52c)
horn called pointy Vlad-poker (demirobin)
human corpse (nomiisama, muad)
kelp frond (vicviper, nomiisama)
leash named Vladsbane (wooble)
lichen corpse (codehappy)
lizard corpse (wooble, renter, eben)
luckstone named Vladsbane (scorchgeek)
lump of royal jelly named Vladsbane (wooble)
magic flute (stathol)
magic lamp (renter, cstaub67, scorchgeek)
magic marker (clownbaby, nomiisama, cstaub67, edmu52c)
Magic Mirror of Merlin (nomiisama)
magic whistle named Vladbane (renter)
Master Key of Thievery (scorchgeek)
obsidian stone named Vladsbane (nomiisama)
oil lamp (nht, edmu52c, scorchgeek)
orange named Vladbane (doomturtle)
Orb of Detection (scorchasc)
Orb of Fate (nomiisama)
pair of water walking boots (cstaub67)
pancake (codehappy, stathol)
partisan named Vladbane (PaRaD0xx)
pear named Vladsbane (wooble)
Platinum Yendorian Express Card (wooble)
PSYCHO CRUSHER!! (vicviper)
ruby named Vladsbane (wooble)
scroll of create monster (runciblef)
scroll of genocide (vicviper, scorchgeek)
scroll of mail (zgedneil)
scroll of stinking cloud named Vladsbane (scorchgeek)
shield of reflection (mmyy)
silver dragon scale mail (nomiisama)
silver spellbook named Vladsbane (richard)
skeleton key (hangar, casmith789, healthy, cow9, nybes, scorchgeek)
spellbook of healing named BE HEALED (vicviper)
stethoscope (codehappy, scorchgeek, renter)
tallow candle named Vladsbane (edmu52c)
tasty meatloaf named VladBane (doomturtle)
the blessed rustproof +8 Excalibur (balthamel)
the blessed rustproof +8 Frost Brand (nemtest)
the blessed rustproof +8 Magicbane (varg)
the blessed rustproof +8 Stormbringer (hangar)
the blessed rustproof +8 Vorpal Blade (muj)
tin of Croesus meat named Vladbane (hangar)
tin of jabberwock meat named Vladsbane (nomiisama)
tin of Master Kaen meat named Vladsbane (nomiisama)
tin of Medusa meat named Vladsbane (nomiisama)
tin of titan meat named Vladsbane (nomiisama)
tinning kit (clownbaby, edmu52c)
towel (scorchgeek, casmith789, coffeebug, efot, edmu52c)
tripe ration (stenno, doomturtle, wooble)
T-shirt named Vladsbane (cstaub67)
very heavy iron ball (hangar)
wand of nothing (mrivan, codehappy, cstaub67)
wand of probing (stathol)
wand of wishing (codehappy, stathol, demirobin, hangar)
wang (thewumpus)
whistle called magic (codehappy)
wraith corpse (muad)

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