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WHEREAS that Wicked Witches have brought grievous infliction upon the Ozian people by application of their arts to make mischief in all its forms, AND WHEREAS Warlocks, Sorcerors, and Enchanters of all sorts have been allowed to run rampant over the country practicing magical arts of all sorts,

AND WHEREAS these practices have interfered with SUCCESSION OF THE THRONE and have disrupted the proper MACHINATIONS OF THE STATE, along with causing much suffering and bewilderment to innocent citizens,

AND WHEREAS the research of these arts by devious individuals may create magics so powerful and arcane that no counter-magics will be available to the forces of the state, leading to the fall of law and order in the country,

IT IS TODAY RESOLVED by Ozma of Oz, daughter of Pastoria and Princess Ruler of Oz, after long consort with Glinda the Good Witch, the formerly regent Scarecrow, and the formerly regent Wizard Oz, that the practice of MAGICAL ARTS by Ozian citizens within the boundaries of the Land of Oz is to be FORBIDDEN, except in the exceptional capacities outlined in this ROYAL EDICT.

- The ruler of Oz has SOLE DISCRETION in granting license to practice magical arts, and these arts shall be practiced in ONLY THE CAPACITY in which they are for the furtherance of the Law and the good of the Ozian people, as shall be outlined in each grant of permission.

AS FOR THOSE practicing in magical divination, transmutation, the use of magical instruments, the use or dissemination of magical knowledge, bringing to effect any enchantment, or any other use of magic without permission, in DIRECT DEFIANCE of this EDICT, it is our sad but just duty to exact DIRE PUNISHMENT on the same.

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