Are You Brave Enough To Enter The Sphinx's Lair, Mortal?

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Imagine with me for a moment, dear reader...

You stand at the entrance to the den of the legendary Sphinx. Before you, brave adventurer, are four doors. You know that behind one of them is a bevy of brain-tickling enigmas, and a cup of virtual espresso with the famed Sphinx. This is the object of your quest. You know that behind the other three, if the Sphinx is in a bad mood, lies CERTAIN DEATH (in all caps to enhance dramatic effect)! At first, you scratch your head in bewilderment. How can you possibly choose among these mysterious doors?

Choose wisely!Choose wisely! Choose wisely!Choose wisely!

But then, you see a note taped to one of the doors. You rashly pull it off. The note reads:

You want to visit me? Good. But I must test your mettle
with this little puzzle. The correct door is one of the
doors to your right of the door I taped this note to. The mystical
shapes inscribed on the top of the correct door have a letter-to-letter
correlation with the color of the shapes of the correct door.
I think you should be able to figure it out, with these clues.
Cordially yours,
The Sphinx
Unfortunately, you cannot remember which of the doors the Sphinx taped the note to. Thinking carefully, you choose one of the doors, take a deep breath, open it, and find...

Open one of the doors by clicking on it.