The Sphinx's Hall of Fame

Is it Valhalla? The Walk of Stars? The Library of Congress? No, it's the Sphinx's "Hall of Fame". Who's on it?

(Unfortunately, this is not the full Sphinx Hall of Fame, there were several additional members. I'll look around and see if I have a more recent backup than this file.)

The Sphinx's congratulations to DAN FABULICH, the next brave soul who took the dangerous challenge of the Sphinx. Oedipus could do no better. See the current Challenge Questions and challenge the Sphinx yourself.


On 16 July 1998, Nicholas Zoss took the Sphinx's challenge.
He gave a valid answer for Question 1 (there is an eight-letter word which better fits the context... think amulet.)
He gave the correct answer for Question 2 (in my opinion, more difficult than Question 1... good job!)
He correctly answered Question 4.
Nicholas Zoss, score: 2.75
On 17 September 1998, Dan Fabulich took the Sphinx's challenge.
He was able to name the next element in the Question 4 number sequence.
Daniel Fabulich, score: 1.00

A moment of silence in respect of those who have gone before us...
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