Sphinx Solitaire

Hit the "refresh" button on your browser to start a new game.

A Java-compatible browser is required to run "Sphinx Solitaire."

To play: "Sphinx Solitaire" is played exactly as Klondike Solitaire. You build columns down, King to Two, in alternating color suits, and build the wells starting with Aces. You may draw cards from the Deck by clicking on it. (When you have exhausted the Deck, it will disappear and your last cards are shown. If you wish, you may go through the Deck again by clicking where the Deck was; it will then be reset.) You may move cards from column to column, one at a time or in whole groups. To move an entire column, just click on the column you wish to move and then on the column to which you wish to move it. To move single cards from the bottom of the column, click on that card only, and then on the card you wish to play it on.

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