Just Kidding

Below is a few sites that I've created because I thought they were funny.... Why we;ll never know but the rest of the world will suffer because of my sense of humor. I'm kidding honestly a few of these sites could use your help. I'm leaving a few of the links below open to you to write a few jokes and send them in to be added. It wont cost you a thing and you shall become imortal on my site. Sound cool? I didn't think so either, LOL just enjoy. :) Fortune Cookie Say
Here you can enter fortune cookie sayings you hope never to see at a chinesse resturant. Remember the funnier the better.

Personal Jokers <--- Just updated 4/26
Here you can leave those jokes that make you roll with laughter.

Hypnotize Your Dog!
Learn all the mysteries behind hypnotizing your Dog....-Hey it sounds kewl to me ;)

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